Saturday, June 27, 2009

6 Pack and Guys + 5!!!

Last weekend we went to Dallas for the MOST FUN WEEKEND OF OUR LIVES!!! My 5 best friends along with our hubby's/significant others and kiddos had a reunion there. It was an absolute BALL! Click the above link above on the previous blog to see our Shutterfly show from Liz and Abby's cameras. I just have to warn you...there are almost 500 pictures! But SO worth it.

Here are a few that I took!
My first time in the pool! Just chillin' on a float. I also took my first ride on a swing. The wind in my hair, the sun on my thighs...It was AWESOME.

Here is Hannah splishing and splashing in the kids pool! And of course the 6 of us watching closely! (oh, and William too!)
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DADDY!!! Britton had a wonderful 1st Father's Day. Pollard and Mommy got him some new luggage and P wore his linen outfit. Some days just call for fancy.

The girls at Mi Cucina!

Look at sweet Presley!! Yes, this baby is only 8 weeks old!
And William and Pollard (yes, sporting matching jumpers) were the best of friends. It was girls outnumbering the boys all weekend, so they had to stick together.
And here we have our Future Tiger just staring thoughtfully out at the pretty pool.
And lastly I just had to post this video of him today in his johnny-jump-up. He freaking LOVES this thing!!! Please ignore my very, very, very obnoxious commentary. Sorry this one is from my camera, once we figure out how to post videos from our actual video camera, maybe they'll be a little better quality :)


Eric and Jordan Elkins said...

I am obsessed with your child!! Is he that happy all the time because he definitely hams it up for the camera!! I love it!

Rachel and Cameron said...

We miss you guys already!! Pollard is so freakin cute! Cant wait for the next reunion -Rachel and Presley

diannen said...

cute cute cute !!!
i luv the jumpy things too !! wish i could play in one.
he is growing SO fast !!

Dianne....@ Pilkerton