Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Henig is on his/her way!!

Today we had our 39.5 week appointment and FINALLY, some promising news!!! We are scheduled to go in to Baptist East this Friday at 3 pm to start inducing!!!!!!! I was still only 1 cm, but I think they could see the desperation in our eyes :) Dr. Waller had been a bit concerned about the size of the baby (being a big 'ol baby, that is) early on, so he decided to just pull the trigger on getting us up to the hospital on Friday. My eyes welled up with tears, it was JUST the news I was hoping for! Especially after the nurse came in to take the doppler heartbeat on my stomach and, after looking at what my tummy has become said, "God help you...." Thanks so much...Like I don't know I'm a planet.
After the great news, Britton and I went to Storkland for a few things and then to lunch. During lunch I started having major contractions, and by 3 pm they were so bad, we headed up to the hospital. I was still only 1 cm, but in a great deal of pain. After about an hour and a half the pain subsided and they sent me packing....straight to Steak Out. Momma was hungry! The contractions started again once we got in the car (of course). After a good meal and a hot shower, I am feeling much better. But, as the doctor on call said, these things do come and go rather quickly. He said he would not be surprised to see me back up there at midnight tonight! I told them that as long as I can watch Ryan Seacrest and the gang countdown in NYC I'll be happy. Totally kidding....
So, for the moment, I wanted to update you all. I'll post again tomorrow (assuming we're not back in labor and delivery just yet...) and let you know how I'm doing.
Keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as they will be driving in from Nashville for the arrival of the wee one.
And of course, please pray for a safe and easy delivery and a chubby (but not too chubby if you know what I'm saying...), healthy, beautiful baby for the new year!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

38 1/2 Week Appointment

Last week we had our 38 1/2 week appointment and I can't believe it's already Saturday and I haven't filled you in! With Christmas being this week, and my family having come to see us Christmas Day, it has been a fun-filled week :)
Our appointment was last Tuesday and I was still about 50% effaced and moving on up to 1 cm dialated. Better than nothing! I was hoping for at least 2 cm, but hey, what can you do??? I saw Dr. Waller's partner Dr. Dupre (my doc was on Christmas vacation) and he was so very nice. I had actually seen him on one of my trips to the hospital before, so we were like old friends... ;)
I will go back to see Dr. Waller this Wednesday for my 39 week check up and we'll just have to go from there. I am hoping that he will give me some sort of idea of what is going to happen come next Sunday (my actual due date) if I am still not going into labor on my own. Everyone keep praying for Baby Henig!!!

I will leave you with a 39 1/2 week side view of moi, Big Momma, by the Christmas tree (yes, we opted for a tiny one this year) :

Friday, December 19, 2008

The worst trip to the Dollar Tree EVER

It was Wednesday of this week and it happened to be the glorious day upon with Verlia comes and cleans our house for 3 hours. There is nothing quite like walking in your front door to the smell of Pine Sol and Clorox, knowing you had absolutely nothing to do with it.
I was trying to make my daily outing (that's about all I can do) to get out of her way for a little while. Naturally, I headed to the Dollar Tree, the greatest store the other side of Ann Street.

Known for their fabulous Christmas gift bags, I wanted to stock up since it's not physically possible for me to sit on the floor with wrapping paper this year. I pulled into a parking space and to my right was a silver Buick. I saw my blackberry blink so I left my car running and starting scrolling through my e-mails when, all of a sudden, WHACK! The little old lady loading up the Buick smacks the crap out of my car door. I uttered a dirty word, and got out of the car to let her know she wasn't getting out of this/to let her see I was preggo and feel sorry for me. The first time I tried to say something to her, she didn't hear a word I said. Finally I yelled, "Ma'am!! YOU'VE JUST HIT MY CAR!" She was clearly over 85 and should not have been operating a motor vehicle. It was just a nasty scratch, no dent, so I didn't have the heart to ask for her insurance information. She apologized profusely and told me she had no idea she had even done it...

So I grab my purse and huff away to get my Christmas bags and end this heinous trip. I go to cross the street and this little black girl in a hoop-dy (sp?) waves me across. I notice she has a concerned look on her face, so I wasn't surprised when she rolled down her window. "Hey girl!", she yelled in her thickest ebonics, "You got twiiiins in theah? You havin' twiiiins, right?" I looked around to see if I was being punked and no, she was serious. "No", I replied politely, "just the one!" She gave me a look of pity and another "Oh girl!" and sped off.

It's gonna be a long time before I go back to the Ann Street shopping center.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Baby on the Way=Bad News for the Lab and the Pug

After returning home from work one day last week to find Allie had tried to make herself comfy on the brand new area rug in the baby's room, we have set some different rules for the canines. Said rug had been gleefully torn away from it's plastic for a mere 24 hours when she took her claws to it like a cat on a scratching post. I cried for 2 hours, and THIS is the look she gave me:

One afternoon I also found Big Norm in his bed, chewing quietly and contently on a pair of the baby's newborn slippers. After a swift whack on his curly-tailed butt, this is the face he gave me:

(Don't buy it, he's totally guilty)

Norman and Allie basically run the place over here on Country Club drive, and after these little mishaps we had to put an end to it. They are now confined to the sunroom and back porch only. Animal lovers, don't fret: These dogs are still more spoiled than they should be. The sunroom comes complete with 2 fluffy dog beds, a whole basket full of toys, an ever-full water bowl and afternoon sun. Not half bad, eh? Not according to them.
They are so disgusted by these new rules, when I asked them how they liked their new digs, this is what they did:

I was highly offended at the simultaneous butt-licking.

In conclusion, the dogs are still loved upon on a daily basis, given rawhides when they ask nicely, and never denied their after breakfast and after dinner treats. But for now, they remain in the confines of a sunny room with lots of soft things to lay on. Their lives are very, very hard.

Monday, December 15, 2008

37- Week Appointment

Today was our 37 week check-up for the butter bean, and all looks GREAT!! I was really hoping to have gone into labor without my knowledge (yeah right), and have them dash me over to labor and delivery. But, no such luck. However, God is continuing to bless us with a very healthy baby! At an estimated 6 pounds 10 ounces, this is going to be a big-un. At this stage they gain about a pound a week. With about 3 1/2 weeks to go, that is a PORKER! And I am so thankful because I want the baby to be nice and healthy :) The doctor said that everything is progressing just as it should, and the baby's head is down and starting to drop. Maybe I can breathe again soon? Wishful thinking...
More to come after next Tuesday's appointment :)
Anyways, keep the prayers coming! We are getting SO EXCITED!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby H Gets Showered, Part Deux

My friends and some of Diane's sweet friends all hosted a shower for us this past Sunday at Britton's Aunt Jenny Lynn's house. It was PERFECT!!! Although it's the beginning of the holidays, we had a wonderful turn out, and everyone was so sweet to spent part of their Sunday with me. A big kudos to Jennifer, who got 2 of the prettiest cakes I have ever laid my eyes on, and they were yummy to boot! There were specially made cookies in the shapes of carriages, and yummy fruit and fruit punch. The table was set beautifully and everything was oh-so-girly--just the way I like it!

Can you even stand it??? CUTEST.CAKES.EVER.

A lovely job by Aunt Meghan with the diaper cake. It's sprucing up our nursery until the little one comes along and starts blowin' through diapers like nobody's business. Then we may see the diaper cake come undone...

And of course the carriage cookies---mmmmmmm!!!

As you can see there were so many friends and family around for the shower, it was just perfect! Thanks to everyone for hosting, for coming, and for the lavish bebe gifts for our tiny one!!!

Baby Henig Gets Showered

I will begin my shower blog in Nashville! Sloan, Katie, Amy and Lindsay put together a tres chic shower for me and my little one that 100% rivaled any baby shower I've ever attended. KUDOS to my 4 bestest friends for doing such a wonderful job with every single detail, right down to the personalized napkins that read "the little henig". I about melted!!! Sloan's house was perfect, as usual, and we all still feel it's something out of an interior design catalog. Besides our lovely surroundings, there were wonderful lifelong friends and beautiful gifts for baby!

Look at that tablescape!!! [Mmmm, Sloanie's pumpkin muffins]

Aunt Leslie can hardly wait to be a Great Aunt :)

Paula Snyder made Baby a hand-knit poncho
and blankie. As you can see, this is right before the tears hit!

And HELLO activity gym--word on the street is that babies LOVE these things...

Elizabeth came from New Orleans, Tricia from DC, and Rachel from Vegas (yes, we're trying to get her back from Sin City). Yay for friends!!!

And, as always, 'Mimi' was there to cheer me on and get excited about her first grandchild :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ode to a Wedge: The Pregnancy Pillow of my Dreams

I feel it is my duty to write today about my amazing experice with a wedge pillow last night.

Here she is, in all her glory...
Yes, I realize it may seem smally and slightly hospital-like in color, but this item is a dream come true. As of late, I cannot sleep AT ALL, and I came to realize that the random and yet severe pains that I encounter while trying to rest may in fact be due to lack of support under the 30-pound mass that now hangs off my body(shout out to Aunt Melanie who helped me figure this out). The first time I went to buy this amazing invention, a sales person convinced me otherwise. Out of the side of her mouth she whispered "Don't do it, that thing doesn't work". I do love a personal testimony, so I put it back quickly. I wish I could track her down....
ANYWHO, these fabulous wedges come in all shapes, sizes and colors. This particular one can be found here in Montgomery at Storkland for about $11.00. BEST $11.00 YOU WILL SPEND. You may also find other versions at and . My style (pictured above) can be found at Amazon, but it is currently out of stock. Looks like word spread fast. And be warned, mothers-to-be, this thing is nothing but hard foam wrapped in cheap cotton fabric. I had to shake the box a few times to make sure there was something actually in there. Good things come in light, unattractive packages.
In closing let me say, I slept through my alarm this morning, and that's something I haven't done in ages.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our 35-Week Doctor's Appointment

Today we went to see Dr. Waller and see what all was going on for week 35 with Butter Bean. I felt like I could already tell them what was going on:
1) The baby is, like, 25 pounds.
2) The baby wants to physically hurt me and break my ribs.
3) There have been multiple occasions where I think the baby is confused and is actually trying to come out already.
4) The baby is sitting on major organs and doing mild damage that could be permanent.

However, I was told a little differently. Great report for blood pressure! Urinalisis looked great! The baby bump measured up just right! When Amy (my fave nurse) was listening to the heartbeat with the doppler, the baby kicked right on her-- Too funny! Heartbeat was 150, so it was great! In 2 weeks I will go back for an ultrasound to estimate weight (again, I could probably estimate it right now at about the size of a toddler). Then, we start going every week until we make our way to Baptist East! It was easy breezy today, so I'm just biding my time until our next appt :)

Childbirth Class # 5: The Big Adios

Believe it or not, childbirth class has come to a close. We lost 2 soldiers out there to labor and delivery. We got the report on Tara, who went into labor right after class #4 and told Mary Jane that labor was way easier than the pregnancy. There is hope! Thank you, Tara, that is what I needed to hear. The other couple that did not appear (you remember Henry from my first blog...) I can only assume are now holding their bundle of joy. During class #4, the Mom-To-Be gave me lots of details about her...ahem...conditions "down there" that led me to believe she was hittin' those stirrups in no time.
Class was great, as always. We learned about the final part of our entire pregnancy and delivery experience. That, my friends, is pushing. Mary Jane gave us lots of tips on the best ways to push to be most effective (important as I'm sure I'll be completely out of breath and out of energy with my lack of ability to exercise for the past 7 months). There are also several ways you can deliver, and we learned about that as well. One of the girls in our class who is delivering naturally (God love her) is apparently delivering in a squatted position. Did NOT at all look comfortable, and I will gladly take the teeny-tiny hospital bed. Her poor husband had to wear the empathy belly and assume the position. Bless his heart.
Class came to a close and in order to actually pass, each couple had to be able to put a diaper on the baby Mary Jane used in class for instruction. If you could not diaper the baby, then the deal was that you had to give your actual baby to her once it was born--a tough pill to swallow since we now knew everything there was to know about our little one. This is the baby who, until this class, never looked like it would fit through the pelvis model she carried. Each demonstration with the baby's head going through the pelvis made me a little sweaty as she never showed us exactly how that was possible. But I soon realized, she was saving the best for last. The baby-through-pelvis demostration was completed with great ease and resulted in only a mild twitch on my part which only lasted about 24 hours.
After Britton successfully diapered the newborn, Mary Jane gave all of us a precious Baby's First Bible as a going away gift. It was so thoughtful, and really touched my heart. We were almost the last to leave that night because we were so sad to see it all end!
We hugged Mary Jane and gave her the highest compliments on her teaching style, and her ability to engage the entire class. Britton and I are SO lucky to have taken this class! We feel so much more prepared and ready to go into the hospital when the time comes. A BIG shout out to Mary Jane, who we truly became attached to--we *heart* childbirth classes!!!!