Tuesday, December 13, 2011


No not that kind of Picnic, I said Picnik.

Although doesn't an actual picnic sound so nice? I wish I could take my well behaved children to a park with a basket full of PBJ and cheetos and act like Penn wouldn't crawl up a tree and bust a lip and Pollard would dart over to the first inanimate object he sees and act like it's a rocket ship and try to blast off.

I digress. I love Picnik, a free photo editing tool that's part of Google. I have no time for anything except for eat, sleep, feed children, work. However one of my New Years Resolutions is to come back to the Henig Herd. So hopefully you'll be hearing from us more regularly.

For now I show you a picture of my Peanut Butter on his daddy's lap, in something Picnik did to him. Doesn't he look dreamy and kind of old school-ish? I love his baby-man boobs and little fat feet. I know you do too.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

I would like to think...

That this was the most handsome 2.75 year old to grace the doors of First Baptist Church this morning.

It's true, he actually is THAT skinny. That's what happens when you survive solely on peanut butter and jelly Uncrustables, Gogurt, and cheese hot dogs.
"Should I go on this diet?" I wonder to myself quiet often...
But doesn't he look a DREAM in his Christmas outfit? I bravely went where I had not gone before and ordered this from one of those facebook bid thingies like 5 Little Monkeys or Smockadot or something to that effect. Anywhoodles, 3 days later this little pearl showed up for a fraction of the cost it would be retail and I was ever-so-ever-so happy.

Friday afternoon we met my goddaughter Mary Clark and Pollard's Fairy Godmother, Meghan at the McWane Center in Birmingham.
Here is P squishing his face in the biggest face squisher ever. You remember those things you could put your hand in and it would show through on the other side? Let's not talk about germs people, it was all just in good fun and I sanitized his nostrils when we were done.

 And here are these 2 pals just hanging out at mission control by one of the fun exhibits.
 Mary Clark loved seeing what little Penn was up to. You can't tell really in this picture but they're twinkies in their outfits. LOVE.
 And here are the RASCALS, crawling out of the Santa Express. How cute is my goddaughter, people???
 And, in the culmination of his life thus far, Pollard got to hug a real live rocket ship.  What a happy day.
 I will leave you with this naked baby and his Daddy. This was BEFORE he tried to pull up on the entertainment center tonight and busted his top gum completely open and was gushing blood for 20 minutes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Attempts at family photos

THIS is a stick up.
I just had to start with that. My nephew Johnny (4.5yrs) came over to play tonight and when I came home from yoga this is what I found.  A complete bank robbery, Pampers Pull Up style.

And next I give you Mr. Sitter Upper Who Crawls at the Speed of Light and Pulls Up on Everything.
This is a long title but he wears it well. Could someone PLEASE for the love, remind this child he is not even close to 9 months old??? Aren't these tricks for like 10 and 11 month olds??  I love the 2nd picture because it shows his Snuffalufagus snaggle tooth. Yes, the other tooth finally popped through, but here for a while it's been pretty side splitting hilarious that the cutest baby on the face of the planet has a snaggle tooth.

Next up we have the LOVES of my life. Pollard's hair continues to just get fluffier, and longer, and wavier and sticky-upier. It's so great.  This morning was so cute, Pollard was just loving his little heart out on his little bro. 
And here we have our attempts at Christmas card pictures. The good news is, we did this in under 30 minutes. The bad news is we used NONE of the 87 pictures we took.  These were really the front runners but in the first one, poor Angel Penn is in the bright light, and not looking, but Pollard's face is so darn good.
And in this one Pollard's face is so awkward and it was all we could do to get him to take his hands off his crotch for 2 seconds, but we still got the tongue out.
Couldn't do either, so I went with one from Penn's dedication.  I'll scan her in for the next post.

Fun things about the boys...
Penn at 8 months:
1) 3.5 teeth
2) Down to 2 naps a day...hallelujah!
3) Still gets pretty constipated from time to time (TMI?)
4) Has the best laugh EVER!
5) Find him standing completely up in his crib, changing the song on the mobile, laughing to himself
6) Obsessed with his big brother
7) Loves it when you sing Twinkle Twinkle

Pollard at 2.75 years:
1) Is so obsessed with outer space and rocket ships that it has become a full on job to blast off every day, 18 times/day
2) Can be so sweet to Penn. Just the other day he said "You're the best, Penn!" and then later on that day said "I'm so glad you're here, Penn..."
3) Can be so terrorizing to Penn. Found him trying to sit on the baby, smother the baby, you name it.
4) Says anything and everything including "Santa's gonna bring me a jumpy, Mom. What do you fink about dat?" (I think that sounds pricey, son)
5) For the longest time has thought that Santa Claus was called Christmas. He saw a stuffed Santa, nelt down to hug it and said "I wuv you, Christmas"
6) LOVES the city of Huntsville, even though we've never been. Britton goes there for work so he thinks it must be cool. The other day he and Britton were playing pretend like they were injured and Britton said "What should we do?!?" and Pollard replied "Call Ronnie! In Huntsbille!" Whaaaa?

Monday, November 7, 2011


Strike a pose.
I'm available!

This is 20.8 lbs of lovin'.
I'm an aries. I like pureed squash and I enjoy a good paci.

I'm not taken yet, just FYI.

Good night from the the big brother...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Penn's Dedication and Halloween

Behold the wee one, a vision in white if I do say so.  This past Sunday was Penn's very special day at our church, he was dedicated! Growing up Methodist it's been hard for me to grasp the fact that as a Baptist I don't baptize my babies.  But seeing as I loooooove our church, and our pastor does a beautiful job of explaning why we don't baptize until the younggun decides themselves, it makes it easier for me.  This gown you see above was hand made (and I do mean every last stitch, people) by Britton's Aunt Judy. She is the best kind of Aunt as she's not really your Aunt, she's just your Mom's best friend that acts as such.  Gift bearing, hand stitching, passing down heirlooms for your children to use...that kind. She has been so gracious as to let all of us use this for our babes and this picture does it no justice.  Thank you, Aunt Judy!

The above is our best attempt at a family picture. Who loves Pollard's new smile as much as I do?? That kid is side splitting hilarious.

The day would never have been complete without Mimi and Papa, and DeDe and Big John! Is it just me or are our parents rather good-looking? Thanks be to LITTLE BABY JESUS for my Mom's cooking skills, or else we would have had nothing for brunch.  She only whipped up 4 casseroles, 2 pitchers of Prosecco Mimosas, a whole crystal bowl full-o-fruit, set the table, took down the table and cleaned the dishes. Oh, and got up with my coughing baby all night.  Thank goodness she drinks coffee. 

And lo and behold we have our astronaut.  FUNNIEST.THING.EVER.  That is a NASA certified suit and talking helmet you see, and if you were in spittin' distance, you were trying on the helmet, and you WERE blasting off to outer space.

Daddy took our space explorer door to door while Penn snoozed in the Baby Bjorn.

Another attempt at a family picture when the monkey woke up.

Looks like that cocktail may have helped Britton survive the hayride.  Pollard totally geeked at getting on and off the hayride and going door to door, it was serious fun to watch.

 And here are a few other cute pictures from the weekend for your viewing pleasure.  Ahhhh. What a great few days.

 A few other notes about life:
1) At random times Pollard will walk up to me and say "If you do that again, you're gettin a spankin and you're goin to TIME OUT!".  Ok then...loud and clear.
2) Penn still has his 2 bottom teeth and I'm still obsessed with his tiny cuteness. I don't want him to grow.
3) I have re-done my dining room, painted a few things around this house of ours, and about have each room furnished for now.  Schuyler's baby shower is only 2 weeks away so I'm getting prepped and ready.
4) Pollard said to Penn "Thanks for coming to my house, Penn! I sure am proud of you!"
5) Penn can reach up and steal Pollard's paci right out of his mouth and stick it in his.  I love how mad it makes Pollard!
6) Pollard is potty training himself and mighty well I might add. We're about a month in and he's in straight pull ups during the day. He does a great job but is entirely too obsessed with watching the poop hit the water. 
7) Pollards best girl friend Chappell just moved in right across the street.  The dream has come true!

Have a great rest of your week and weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6 Month stats

I can't believe it either! This right here is 19 lbs and 27 1/4" of pure baby love. Just look at that FACE. I can't even deal.
He is in the 80% for weight, and 75% for height, so we're catching up to big brother, folks. I still call him peanut because he is a peanut to me, so there. He had 3 shots in his thunder thighs but he's been good today. A little fussy but geez I would be too.
Anywho just a quick update from over yonder.
Don't get used to this 2 posts in less than a week business. My Tasmanian Devil (big P) is at Johnny's soccer game and Peanut Butter is taking a small nappy-nap.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh my gosh...HOW do people have time to update blogs?

I feel like I need to start this blog like a confessional. "It's been almost 2 months since my last post..."
People I fear I do not have time for this lovely blog anymore. I used to be so on the up-and-up with my posts and now I find myself in a state of confusion. How on earth do all you people with 1+ children frolic with your camera and update your blog like...twice a week? Seriously I need your advice.
Anywhoodles, it's 5:02 pm on a Thursday, I'm in a pair of pajama shorts with my hair in its ever-present ponytail. Today I have 1) taken one very angry 2 year old to preschool 2) worked 3) bought a door hanger 4) taken a nap for the first time in weeks 5) gotten peed on and farted on. Twice. By the same angry 2 year old.
That's pretty much status quo around here.
Here are a few fun tidbits from our life recently, which seems to never stop.  These boys are so darn great though.
[sidenote: my text is center aligned and I don't know why??]
My friend Rachel makes angel paintings and she made the below especially for my roly poly Penn.  When someone paints guardian angels for your child, you're GONNA cry.

Mimi bought Pollard Henig (angry 2 year old) these monster legos and taught him how to build a tower. OBSESSED.  Also obsessed with these Thomas the Train jammies but is extremely bored by the show.
We went to the Georgia Aquarium and all packed into one hotel room.  You can tell by how good I look at the fishy tanks (concealer please).  Pollard had a big, fat time and the animals were beautiful.  He even got to eat ice cream in bed with Daddy.

At first we weren't sure about the dolphin. But then as we left, couldn't stop talking about him and had to buy a stuffed one. You know that story.

We had to do no flash at the aquarium and I couldn't get my camera to adjust. I needed Holland (photog friend) but she was nowhere in sight.
Petting the stingrays, makes Mommy very nervous (um...what was the Australian guy? Yeah.)

And lastly, these 2 are becoming close buddies. Penn will literally crane his neck when he hears Britton's voice to try and find him. Reaches for him, makes googly eyes, it's so cute.

Pollard still thinks everything Penn does is side-splitting hilarious..."Wook at Penn! He rolled over!"  "Oh Penn you're makin' that funny noise again! You so silly!!"  The funniest thing is when Pollard is in his angry state throwing a fit and Penn just looks at him and starts dying out laughing.  Good timing! I've nicknamed Penn "roly poly" because he has a big ol baby tummy and fat thighs and I just love the way he grabs his little feet and roly-poly-ies himself around. I can honestly say I am trying to hold him longer, enjoy every little thing about him because I know how fast he is going to grow up. He's so yummy.
Pollard is going to school Mon-Thurs now and loves it. He says the darnest things. For example last night at the dinner table he said "Ok Mom, I am the customer, I would just like some more pizza please".  He is OBSESSIVE about rocket ships, and really in case you didn't know, you can turn just about anything into one.  We "blast off" A LOT.  He is pure entertainment.
Well, see y'all in 2 months.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's going on with Penn and Pollard?

Oh, a little of this, a little of that. Here's some cute pictures from the last month or so to make your day.

Would you look at these two? Best friends already. Everyone loves Papa, but for whatever reason Penn reeeeaaaallllyyy loves Papa. I mean I could think of a whole mess of reasons but this blog ain't long enough.

All this should tell you we've been to Nashville...TWICE! I took the boys when Britton had a 4 night stay away from home for work. Call me a weenie but I didn't even want to attempt that. So, Mimi and Papa to the rescue for a week long relaxing vacay in Candyland (aka Nashville).

We swam...a LOT! Britton and Pollard were staples in the pool before and after nap time.

Mom keeps an amazing yard. Around the pool it's just flowers galore of every shape and color. The lady has a natural green thumb, which I did not inherit. We helped Mimi water her flowers, which just resulted in naked hose time. SUCH fun!

Daddy also is an avid tomato-grower and Pollard spent a lot of time picking 'em. They had a ball.

And I'll leave you with the last 2 things that make my heart super-happy (thanks Kai-Lan for that lovely phrase). Penn rolled over! I put him on his back, ran to stop Pollard from whatever mess he was getting himself into and when I came back I found a little iguana popped up on his belly. I want to eat this baby up. He is 3 1/2 months old and weighs what seems like a ton.

The 2nd thing is that they now look at each other and smile and laugh. Kinda makes it all worth it, right?

What Pollard is up to...

1) Obsessed with the whereabouts of his little brother at ALL times, and talks to him like he's his age..."Penn, stay wight dere, I go get your juice, otay??"

2) Talks to Penn on the video monitor if he's waking up from a nap "Don't wowwy Penn! Your Mommy's comin' to getchu!"

3) LOVES TV! Favorite shows are Super Why, Caillou (horrid), Yo Gabba Gabba and Bubble Guppies (so cute)

4) Counts to 20...or "20-teen" as he calls it

5) Speaks in full sentences saying things like "Hey Mom, I have a question...have you seen my paci?" Hilarious.

6) Obsessed with his cousins Johnny, Barnes and Emilyn

7) Has started to play hide and go seek with Norman

What Penn is up to....

1) Just chatting it up, laughing and smiling at everyone and everything!

2) Loves his activity mat

3) Horrible constipation

4) LOVES his bath

5) Rolled over!!!!

6) Loves to watch golf on Daddy's lap

7) Takes the shortest naps on earth

8) Is probably sick of his Mommy kissing him

Good bye for now from the paci addict...