Tuesday, December 13, 2011


No not that kind of Picnic, I said Picnik.

Although doesn't an actual picnic sound so nice? I wish I could take my well behaved children to a park with a basket full of PBJ and cheetos and act like Penn wouldn't crawl up a tree and bust a lip and Pollard would dart over to the first inanimate object he sees and act like it's a rocket ship and try to blast off.

I digress. I love Picnik, a free photo editing tool that's part of Google. I have no time for anything except for eat, sleep, feed children, work. However one of my New Years Resolutions is to come back to the Henig Herd. So hopefully you'll be hearing from us more regularly.

For now I show you a picture of my Peanut Butter on his daddy's lap, in something Picnik did to him. Doesn't he look dreamy and kind of old school-ish? I love his baby-man boobs and little fat feet. I know you do too.
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