Sunday, December 11, 2011

I would like to think...

That this was the most handsome 2.75 year old to grace the doors of First Baptist Church this morning.

It's true, he actually is THAT skinny. That's what happens when you survive solely on peanut butter and jelly Uncrustables, Gogurt, and cheese hot dogs.
"Should I go on this diet?" I wonder to myself quiet often...
But doesn't he look a DREAM in his Christmas outfit? I bravely went where I had not gone before and ordered this from one of those facebook bid thingies like 5 Little Monkeys or Smockadot or something to that effect. Anywhoodles, 3 days later this little pearl showed up for a fraction of the cost it would be retail and I was ever-so-ever-so happy.

Friday afternoon we met my goddaughter Mary Clark and Pollard's Fairy Godmother, Meghan at the McWane Center in Birmingham.
Here is P squishing his face in the biggest face squisher ever. You remember those things you could put your hand in and it would show through on the other side? Let's not talk about germs people, it was all just in good fun and I sanitized his nostrils when we were done.

 And here are these 2 pals just hanging out at mission control by one of the fun exhibits.
 Mary Clark loved seeing what little Penn was up to. You can't tell really in this picture but they're twinkies in their outfits. LOVE.
 And here are the RASCALS, crawling out of the Santa Express. How cute is my goddaughter, people???
 And, in the culmination of his life thus far, Pollard got to hug a real live rocket ship.  What a happy day.
 I will leave you with this naked baby and his Daddy. This was BEFORE he tried to pull up on the entertainment center tonight and busted his top gum completely open and was gushing blood for 20 minutes.

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