Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Attempts at family photos

THIS is a stick up.
I just had to start with that. My nephew Johnny (4.5yrs) came over to play tonight and when I came home from yoga this is what I found.  A complete bank robbery, Pampers Pull Up style.

And next I give you Mr. Sitter Upper Who Crawls at the Speed of Light and Pulls Up on Everything.
This is a long title but he wears it well. Could someone PLEASE for the love, remind this child he is not even close to 9 months old??? Aren't these tricks for like 10 and 11 month olds??  I love the 2nd picture because it shows his Snuffalufagus snaggle tooth. Yes, the other tooth finally popped through, but here for a while it's been pretty side splitting hilarious that the cutest baby on the face of the planet has a snaggle tooth.

Next up we have the LOVES of my life. Pollard's hair continues to just get fluffier, and longer, and wavier and sticky-upier. It's so great.  This morning was so cute, Pollard was just loving his little heart out on his little bro. 
And here we have our attempts at Christmas card pictures. The good news is, we did this in under 30 minutes. The bad news is we used NONE of the 87 pictures we took.  These were really the front runners but in the first one, poor Angel Penn is in the bright light, and not looking, but Pollard's face is so darn good.
And in this one Pollard's face is so awkward and it was all we could do to get him to take his hands off his crotch for 2 seconds, but we still got the tongue out.
Couldn't do either, so I went with one from Penn's dedication.  I'll scan her in for the next post.

Fun things about the boys...
Penn at 8 months:
1) 3.5 teeth
2) Down to 2 naps a day...hallelujah!
3) Still gets pretty constipated from time to time (TMI?)
4) Has the best laugh EVER!
5) Find him standing completely up in his crib, changing the song on the mobile, laughing to himself
6) Obsessed with his big brother
7) Loves it when you sing Twinkle Twinkle

Pollard at 2.75 years:
1) Is so obsessed with outer space and rocket ships that it has become a full on job to blast off every day, 18 times/day
2) Can be so sweet to Penn. Just the other day he said "You're the best, Penn!" and then later on that day said "I'm so glad you're here, Penn..."
3) Can be so terrorizing to Penn. Found him trying to sit on the baby, smother the baby, you name it.
4) Says anything and everything including "Santa's gonna bring me a jumpy, Mom. What do you fink about dat?" (I think that sounds pricey, son)
5) For the longest time has thought that Santa Claus was called Christmas. He saw a stuffed Santa, nelt down to hug it and said "I wuv you, Christmas"
6) LOVES the city of Huntsville, even though we've never been. Britton goes there for work so he thinks it must be cool. The other day he and Britton were playing pretend like they were injured and Britton said "What should we do?!?" and Pollard replied "Call Ronnie! In Huntsbille!" Whaaaa?

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EKM said...

Pollard is little britton and Penn is little lindsey!! adorable.

And huntsville- obviously pollard is one smart kid, that's where NASA is!