Sunday, October 26, 2008

Childbirth Class # 1

Being first-time parents, Britton and I (ok...just me...) thought it would be a good idea to sign up for childbirth classes that are offered at my doc's office. Five Tuesdays in a row from 6-8 pm will enlighted us about the nuances of labor and delivery, something we are very unfamiliar with. As I grow more rotund by the day, I realize at some point the 3-lb baby swimming around in there will have to come out.
My OB's wife teaches our class, Mary Jane Waller, she is a labor and delivery nurse. I give her BIG props for being entertaining and very 'sassy', as Britton said. There were, I counted, 14 total couples in this class with us (good work, Mary Jane, at 60 bucks a pop, you've got some shopping money, sister.) We got front row seats right next to a couple that is in the air force, and class started right on time.
My eyes went first to the TV that had been rolled into the room with old-school VHS tapes stacked on it entitled "Stages of Labor 1" and "Stages of Labor 2". There were several others, but after I read the titles of the first two, I suddenly felt faint. After going around the room and introducing ourselves, I realized that most of the girls in the class were due before me (as in, due in early or mid-December). Hello! You MAY not make it to the hospital tour class before birthing that baby!! Did you not realize this???
She started the class by asking us if being pregnant was at all what we expected--easier, harder? I started shaking my head in the "no" direction thinking about everything that has happened, and Mrs. Air Force pipes in with "Oh! It's been MUCH easier!", her loving husband smiling at her. Note to self: Do not sit next to them for the remainder of the class.
Soon after Mary Jane gave her introduction, and lead us through the booklets and info she gave us, it was time to call up the first random husband to strap on the Empathy Belly. Poor, poor Henry. Not only did he look exactly like Herman Munster, his clothes were SO tight, I thought they might rip just walking up to get the belly. Mary Jane strapped this contraption on him, and it was all I could do not to fall off my chair (but then again, Lord only knows how long it would take me to get up once I was down there...). She first velcro-ed (sp?) a big strap around his chest to constrict his breathing, then came the actual belly complete with huge boobs that he did proceed to grab, and a weight insert right on the bladder. To say that Henry was uncomfortable is the understatement of the year. We then got to call out things that were really hard for us to do, and Henry had to do them. Pick up 4 things that were dropped on the floor (he almost ate carpet), tie his shoe (could not complete this task), sit on the floor and get back up (touch and go there for a minute...). On that last one I grabbed Britton's leg just waiting to hear his pants rip. Tears were all but streaming down my face.
There are lots of reasons why I like Mary Jane (who I may call MJ for short), but I'll give you my top 2. We got down on the floor with our hubbies and practiced relaxed breathing (you know, in through the nose, out through the mouth, yoga style) and she made the husbands give us all back massages for the entire 15 minutes. She literally walked around the room the whole time to make sure all male hands were in motion. She then instructed them all that they WILL do this for us 3 times a week, and that day did not count. Then she had the preggo's cover their ears, and strictly instructed the guys to purchase a gift of some sort to give us once we have the baby, preferably something sparkly if they knew what she meant... My kind of girl.
We left class feeling informed, and....hungry. I can honestly say that I'm NOT looking forward to the day that she presses 'play' on that VCR, but I'm glad we're signed up and taking this class. If nothing else, Britton now knows the exact size of my squooshed bladder, stomach and lungs, and why I can't stop complaining, wheezing, and peeing. Another big high-five to the Dad-to-be for such a good attitude and the potential willingness to buy me something sparkly.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Preggo Pic-28 weeks!

Oh, you asked for it--you know you did. Here I am, 28 weeks (aka 7 months for all you not-yet-Moms who don't know the lingo. Lord knows I didn't....). This was before Britton's cousin Hilary's engagement party on Friday night, and Britton decided the best backdrop would be our new stainless steel oven.

I figured if he's taking pictures of me from the side, let's see what he's looking like these days... (backdrop of new stainless steel dishwasher. Oh, the things that bring us joy.)

Very foxy, indeed.
Speaking of last Friday night, I went down again, but this time I was actually in public--at an engagement party, nonetheless!! I felt it coming on, so I just tapped Britton's leg and was able to mutter, "uh-oh...take me out" right before it happened. I was admitted to Baptist East on Saturday morning after talking with one of my nurses. Thank the Lord, my blood tests were fine, but after some time I've actually been diagnosed with vertigo. A build up of fluid in my head and inner right ear is causing me to see things in a rapidly spinning motion at certain times, and leaves me in a state of dizziness basically all the time. I have to say, it's pretty miserable. But I am going to an ear nose and throat specialist tomorrow and hopefully this will pass (shout out to Britton's Mom, aka Dede, for the great referral). Britton gets the award for being a wonderful nurse-man, and extremely patient and caring. For now, just pray I quit running into walls. WHAT?!?! I have to joke about it or else I'll cry!!! Again, a big PRAISE to God that Baby Henig is growing quite well (and it sure shows when I hop on the scale...holy toledo....).
In 2 weeks we'll have our 4D ultrasound!!! We CAN'T WAIT to see this cute one ;-)

Friday, October 10, 2008

An Exciting Wednesday....

Wednesday after lunch, I realized I hadn't felt my little one kick nearly as much as it usually does, so I called and talked to a nurse at my OB's office. Even though it was kicking very faintly every once in a while, it usually does kung-fu karate at night and in the morning, and I hadn't felt that.
She advised me to drink a sugar-y coke and sit with my feet up for about an hour and see if that made it move around a bit. I walked to the kitchen at the office, got down about 1/2 of my coke and walked back to my office. As soon as I shut my door and turned around to sit on my desk chair, the room started rapidly spinning and my right ear went totally deaf. Thinking I was about to faint, I hit the floor so I wouldn't fall, and crawled to open my door (a sad sight I can only assume!). Thank God for Fern, who was working diligently in her office and heard my faint cry for help!
After laying on my office floor for a while shivering uncontrollably, I was able to get up (with some help from the girls at work), and was driven to Baptist East. Britton met me in the parking lot with a wheelchair--so embarassing!! What was worse is he couldn't drive the daggum thing so he kept running me into walls. I have to admit it was pretty funny.
They hooked me up to a fetal monitor and the baby was just fine--PRAISE THE LORD!! The moment we got to the hospital, I guess the sugar set in because Butter Bean started doing some form of interpretive dancing. Through the heart screen it kept moving and kicking like crazy--I guess it showed me!
After about 30 minutes of a good strong heartbeat, they let me go and I hit the hay. I haven't felt the same since, so I had my glucose test done early. I went in this morning, although it was scheduled for this Tuesday during my appointment. They'll have the results for me when I come on Tuesday so I'll know what's going on. For now my nurse just said it's probably really low blood sugar, and to eat a snack about every hour or hour and a half. Not a prob!! I just don't ever want to feel like that EVER again!
Never a dull moment in our life, but at least it usually makes for a good story with a happy ending :)
All my praise goes to God, once again, for a healthy baby!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Butter Bean's Photos- 19 weeks

Our ultrasound appointment was done at 19 weeks, and I counted down the days BIG TIME! I couldn't wait to take a peek at the little one. I had just started to feel little flutters of movement around 16 weeks, so it was becoming more and more real every day. That, and the fact that the few pounds I was "bloated" were turning into a solid mass around the abdominal area! Helloooo, Belly Band, and thanks be to whoever invented that glorious contraption.

The first question Amy asked (our ultrasound tech) was if we wanted to know the sex. We of course said "no!", so she did a good job of keeping that to herself. Even through Britton's intense questioning. It started with, "Well, I mean, can you tell what the sex is?" To which she replied "Yes, it's pretty easy to tell right away whether it's a girl or boy". Britton looked at me and said "She said girl first!" Later, he tried to mistake the umbilical cord for a weenie. Wishful thinking bud, that would be one big weenie for one tiny baby. I had to ask Sherlock Holmes if he needed a breather, maybe he should step out momentarily? No, he said he was fine....Just a little curious. I almost pinched him...HARD.
Little BB was not cooperating too much, and had turned over onto its tummy for the ultrasound. The tech kept nudging the poor little one to try and get it to turn over, but to no avail. (By nudging I mean applying blunt force trauma to my abdomen via the probe-thingy) Stubborn--just like its Daddy.

Nonetheless, the baby is already so naturally photogenic (and probably gifted, let's be honest) that we still got some GORGEOUS pictures!

Baby Henig waving hi to Mommy and Daddy!

SUCH a beautiful profile! I think it has my nose :)

On the tummy of course, but I do love this one. You can see its spine, foot, thigh, tooshy, and head.

And lastly another profile showing the heart and spine.


Butter Bean's 1st Pictures

We went for our 1st doctor's appointment at 8 weeks and got to see a tiny image of Baby Henig. It was SO surreal! Britton's face was so close to the ultrasound tech as he watched the screen, I think he made her a little uncomfortable.
Here are the 2 ultrasounds from that wonderful day...

The red shows blood going into the heart, and the blue shows blood exiting the heart. Ahhhh, technology.

And thank you for the written confirmation saying "baby", but by now I think we know there is definitely a baby in there!

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

After the shock wore off, we were THRILLED!!!! God blessed us with a tiny little Henig, and we felt undeserving. Britton, bless his heart, felt so undeserving, he made me take more at-home preggo tests just so he could see it for himself! But since he's not as cheap as I am about the 'more important' things in life, he sprung for the 3-pack of digital EPT's.

So, the night of our 1-year anniversary, after a romantic dinner (which included a large glass of water with lemon for this Momma), Britton high-tailed it to CVS. When we got home, this is what he saw...

Look at how excited he is!!! LOVE IT.

Our Anniversary Surprise

On Wednesday May 6th, I drove straight from work to the Dollar Tree. Not to pick up the usuals: A few greeting cards (2 for $1, you can't beat it), maybe some cleaning supplies, and more than likely the movie-size box of Starburst. This trip was different--I headed straight for the Preggo Tests. This was my very first preggo test I had ever purchased (thank goodness), but I still shoved it onto the counter in a fashion that allowed me to show my wedding band. Britton was out eating with his work buddies, so Norman and I braved the pee stick together. I read the directions word for word, and after 20 seconds (not the typical 2 minute minimum it states on the box), that bad boy showed not one but 2 red lines. It might as well have come to life and said "You're SO pregnant!" Thinking that this test was from the crappy Dollar Tree, and that they probably all read positive, Norm and I made the collective decision to throw it away (placed strategically under a few pieces of junk mail). Then I did the only thing I know to do in questionable situations: go for a run.

Britton came home later in a great mood after a few beers and some Mexican with the boys. I acted as usual, like there was definitely not a positive pregnancy test in the trash can. He went to sleep that night just a hubby, and bless his heart, the morning he woke up a Daddy!

The next morning in sales meeting I began to slowly realize what had happened the night before. I heard people talking, and I knew I was in the conference room, but I didn't really plug into the fact that I was at work. I ran as quickly as I could up the stairs to the showroom and called the gyno, pronto. After a blood test and another immediate-read pee test, it was confirmed--I had been impregnated without my knowledge. The Sunday prior I happened to dump my blackberry into Kimberly's purse just in time for her to drive back to Atlanta with it, so I had no form of communication. I drove straight from the OBGYN to Britton's office, where I have been a total of 1 time. He came out of the building thinking the only way I would have made it to his office was if I'd wrecked my car. Boy was he wrong!

After breaking the news, and him asking the usual "Well, how do you know? I mean, are you sure?" questions, we went straight up to his office so he could re-write the family budget.

And so, all the excitement began....