Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh my stars

My last post was in MARCH?! Not good!!!! Things have been wonderful at our house, and we're jumping right into summer. Here's a little photo update!
Easter was wonderful. We got this lovely photo on the first try....
(if you're wondering that's a storm trooper in Pollard's hand and a toy screwdriver in Penn's. They're so non-violent, I just love it)
Coach Uncle Bob took the Bears Mini-Soccer team to a winning season. It was honestly the most fun! It was so cute to watch them actually improve over the season. Excuse how rough I look in the 2nd picture but this was our end of the year party and this boy could not have been more proud of his trophy! I had to wear running clothes to every game to keep Penn off the field.

Mom and Dad took us to Playa del Carmen Mexico for our annual Wallace family vacation. Once again, it did NOT dissapoint! We really had the best time. Got up at 6 am, went to bed at 10 pm--ate, drank, played,  and repeated!

Here's a little update on the boys....

Pollard 4.5 years....
-Star Wars obsession
-Power Rangers obsession
-Working on having a dry pull up in the morning so we can transition to undies at night
-Really good swimmer! I don't know that we'll even do lessons this year-jumps into the deep end and swims right to the ladder....and repeats!
-Summer MMO at the Ascension M, W, F
-Has dropped his nap but will rest alone in his bed or watch a movie during "rest" time
-Will no longer wear dressy outfits, insists on "Not the ones with the buttons!" (insert sad face)
-Learned to say "I apology for that"....close enough, it's the thought that counts!

Penn 2 years....
-Crossed over to the terrible two's!
-Talks up a storm and really just loves to hear the sound of his own voice I've figured out
-Daredevil to the max
-Really good golf swing!
-Loves Star Wars because his brother does, even though he has no clue what it is
-So thankful he seems to still love his crib
-Big eater, cleans his plate almost every meal!
-Cutest voice when he says "I wubbbb you!" or hands us something "Here ya go!"
-Still has the sweetest disposition
-Summer MMO at the Ascension M, W, F

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is upon us

We went to Candyland, we conquered many things. Smoothies, bounce houses, and of course Peter Pan live.

The BEAR is practicing sleeping in a big boy bed. Which he will not be doing until he's 14 if I have it my way. Repeat after me....the crib is our friend, the crib is our friend....

These fellas like to eat, so we try to do it outside. We are so blessed to have a great big ol fenced in back yard that we love.

Every day I grow more and more thankful for my family. Not just my husband and kids, but my parents and relatives, and Britton's family. God has been so good to us over these past few years and I feel so thankful in this spring season. I know it's cheesy but God has done great things for us!
In less than 2 weeks that little baby of mine will be 2. Pass the kleenex!

Monday, February 11, 2013

4 years old

Took this little man to his 4 year old appointment this week. He is just nothing but LOVE right now and I'm treasuring it all up in my heart.
He is 39 lbs (although a week before it read 41...?), so that's 75%, and 43" in height, so that's 95%. So basically the diet of PB&J, hot dogs and pancakes is doing something? Could be the gallon of whole milk he drinks  He is SMART as a whip, and obsessed with his letters and numbers. He is doing a great job writing his name too...
He is super into Valentine's Day this year (above, Star Wars Valentines, everyone is shocked). He told me he asked Izzy to be his "Valentine Girl", and she said yes. Then she asked if she could come over. A little forward for 4 years old, but she's worth it.
(for the record his patience allowed for only one actual signed Valentine, so I guess that's Izzy's)

Meanwhile at the zoo, this child here is a full on GORILLA of a baby. He growls, he throws his poop (not a joke), he grabs his belly and runs full force into the just can't make him up. Last week he sniffed out a chicken leg in Ms Dorothy's purse, climbed up on the kitchen table, un-zipped her purse, unwrapped the leg, ate the whole dang thing, and tossed the bone on the floor. All she did was go tee-tee. So...he's a fast gorilla.

But I wouldn't trade him for the world--he is HYSTERICAL.

And these two continue to be in love with getting naked, and each other. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Where has the time gone?

All of a sudden it's February and I haven't updated since November. This is unacceptable!
We've been great. Busy, and great. And I continue to say a prayer of thanksgiving every day for my family, wondering what I did to deserve such blessings!

We've gotten a few trims.  Penny got his first trim, still looking for that picture...
We love where we get our hair cut at the Baptist Barber Shop (yep, that's in the basement of the hospital). Ms Karen saves out the jumbo army men for Pollard. See how happy he looks?

 We looked out the window for Santa, and boy did he come! And he put Ring Pops in our stockings, by far one of the most popular items. Santa, God bless him, could have spent about $30 and come out pretty well. We'll put that in his letter next year.

Penn followed his Papa around the entire trip to Candyland. Poor Dad was such a trooper with his post-op knee brace, dragging his leg around and carrying my 30 pound gorilla all the while. They sat in Daddy's chair together most of our visit.

 It continues to be the highlight of my babies days to see their cousins. Having Mary Clark here has been an absolute blast, she fits right in with the boys and gets down and dirty with them! And then we clean off. 
Emilyn and Penn are the best of buddies. Emi calls Penn "my baby"--sweetest thing ever! As you can see they are angel pie love muffins.
 We've done some church-goin'.

 I'm trying to keep this one here a little bitty baby. NOT working.

They have really begun to wrestle and I mean hard core, WWE style. 

This baby of mine turned 4 years old. First birthday I have cried (except his actual BIRTHday :) )
4 is very, very grown up in case you didn't know.

I cut almost 10 inches off my hair and donated it to Children With Hair Loss. Something I have wanted to do for years!

 Mimi got them Crocs boots for Christmas, haven't taken them off since.
I ran another half marathon in Auburn and met my goal of under 2 hours! My time 1:58:36 (barely squeezed that out!) Heather, Ellen and I had a blast--it's really fun to run with great friends.
On Feb 17th Heather and I will be running 26.2 With Donna, a breast cancer research marathon in Jacksonville. If I said I was nervous that would be putting it verrrrry lightly!

And I leave you with this picture. This totally encapsulates their personalities. I love them with all my heart!

Pollard-4 years:
-Obsessed with his lettters, and the sounds they make, and what words start with what letters, and we have to say them and review them alllll day everyyyyy day.
-Loves his little brother still--always asks me to wake him up so they can play, tries to teach him how to do things,etc
-Still heavy on Star Wars and Toy Story
-Keeps asking me when my hair is coming back :)
-Loves his bedtime stories and books--I can see him becoming a bookworm.

-Has officially crossed over to the dark side, terrible 2's are creeping in on us.
-Talks non stop! He can pretty much say anything these days, a good bit of which takes interpreting but I'm impressed nonetheless!
-He is SO rough and tough--loves to wrestle, rough house with Pollard and Daddy. He's a real man.
-Will eat anything. And if you don't eat yours....lookout.
-Loves his blankie "blue" and his paci
-Loves to dance, "Ride a little horsey", sing Twinkle Twinkle and Pattycake

Friday, November 2, 2012


A long time agon Jennifer nicknamed my parents house Candyland. It was really the perfect name seeing that in my kids eyes it's just this magical place where they get whatever they want and little treats appear daily, and they can eat Mom's organic cereal.  There is a pretty severe hangover period when we get home (about a week I would say), but Lord it's worth it. I even get to sleep a little, which is an odd feeling. Amazing!
Pollard is really just so handsome. And really bad, so it's good that he's handsome.

It will be a miracle if we don't go to kindergarten with this paci. 

And here we are in Candyland.  This magical place provides bazookas and masks galore.

Mom got a Groupon for Monkey Joe's , which is a bounce house with arcade games. Pollard was obsessed with getting tickets and turning them in for prizes. Daddy taught them skee ball, what a classic.

Bear picked a big ol balloon and Monkey Joe's got the best of him on the way home. Bless his bones.

He stayed that way through Chick Fil A.

Perked up when we got home of course! Sitting in Papa's big chair watching cartoons.

Here are my best friends of life! We ate at Park Cafe and had the best time.

Off to see Auburn play horribly but we had a lot of fun anyway!

The force was with us this Halloween.

Bear is OBSESSED with brushing his teeth. I have to pry him away from this step stool at least twice a day, kicking and screaming yelling "bruuuuusssshhh!!!"

War Eagle!

After this shot I gave the puddin' an at-home trim. It'll do until I can make it out to his first real cut (sad face)
Pollard wanted to make a Jack-o-Lantern(at such a fun age), so we did that and roasted s'mores the night before Halloween. You would have thought he'd died and done to heaven.

LOVES his baby brother, sharing a s'more.

And lastly Pennington is in love with books now. Reads them all the time, pointing out the animals and pictures.  He is the sweetest, cuddliest, yummiest hunk of a baby you could ever dream up.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

13.1....done and DONE!

We did it!!! Heather and I finished our half marathon and we could even stand up for pictures afterward.  When I picked Heather up yesterday morning in the dark, we realized we both chosen purple shirts and black shirts, hilarious.
MAJOR props to a very helpful husband--couldn't have trained for or run this race had it not been for his continual fist pump. Gonna keep him!

Pollard was really excited about my medal. "Mommy is this your gold medal because you won?!" Something like that, buddy!

My time: 2:11:13

Heather and I had the best time running this, and I know there will be many more races for us to come. LOVE having a great running partner like this girl!!!