Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh my stars

My last post was in MARCH?! Not good!!!! Things have been wonderful at our house, and we're jumping right into summer. Here's a little photo update!
Easter was wonderful. We got this lovely photo on the first try....
(if you're wondering that's a storm trooper in Pollard's hand and a toy screwdriver in Penn's. They're so non-violent, I just love it)
Coach Uncle Bob took the Bears Mini-Soccer team to a winning season. It was honestly the most fun! It was so cute to watch them actually improve over the season. Excuse how rough I look in the 2nd picture but this was our end of the year party and this boy could not have been more proud of his trophy! I had to wear running clothes to every game to keep Penn off the field.

Mom and Dad took us to Playa del Carmen Mexico for our annual Wallace family vacation. Once again, it did NOT dissapoint! We really had the best time. Got up at 6 am, went to bed at 10 pm--ate, drank, played,  and repeated!

Here's a little update on the boys....

Pollard 4.5 years....
-Star Wars obsession
-Power Rangers obsession
-Working on having a dry pull up in the morning so we can transition to undies at night
-Really good swimmer! I don't know that we'll even do lessons this year-jumps into the deep end and swims right to the ladder....and repeats!
-Summer MMO at the Ascension M, W, F
-Has dropped his nap but will rest alone in his bed or watch a movie during "rest" time
-Will no longer wear dressy outfits, insists on "Not the ones with the buttons!" (insert sad face)
-Learned to say "I apology for that"....close enough, it's the thought that counts!

Penn 2 years....
-Crossed over to the terrible two's!
-Talks up a storm and really just loves to hear the sound of his own voice I've figured out
-Daredevil to the max
-Really good golf swing!
-Loves Star Wars because his brother does, even though he has no clue what it is
-So thankful he seems to still love his crib
-Big eater, cleans his plate almost every meal!
-Cutest voice when he says "I wubbbb you!" or hands us something "Here ya go!"
-Still has the sweetest disposition
-Summer MMO at the Ascension M, W, F

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