Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just another Tuesday

This past Tuesday was helacious. Is that how you spell it??

Start me off with another looooong day at work, problem after problem, no solution after no solution. Awesome!

Norm headed to the vet at about 8 am for a day of vaccinnes. At about 11:30 I called and the vet tech told me he was ready to be picked up. About 15 minutes later I get a call on my office phone from Josh (vet tech). "Yeahhhh, um, if you could just leave Mr. Norman here until after you get off work, that would probably be best. He's had a bit of an anaphlactic reaction to the vaccinnes and he's swollen all over." Oh my. After being assured that the baby pug is ok, I showed up, as requested, about 5:30 to retrieve mr. puffy. He charges out, excited as ever, looking really good (he got a complimentary bath since they had to douse him in cold water to ward off the hives....comforting). When I get him home, he goes racing through the house, running into walls, snorting like never before. Obviously it's been a really bad day and he's glad to be home. Pollard is there, sweet as ever, and off goes Ms. Dorothy.

About half way through his dinner, Norm goes postal. He's left his food in the bowl (never before seen) and is dive-bombing into Allie's bed. Runs as fast as he can (which is not very fast) to the couch, throws off all the pillows, runs underneath a circular glass table that I have and will NOT emerge from beneath the table cloth. Not even for a milkbone. Bad sign.

I finally pull the pug out from under the table (baby is cooing sweetly in pack-n-play) and his face looks like a balloon. His fur is standing on end, hives everywhere, and he is having trouble breathing. He looked exactly like a Char-pei.

Suddenly, I too am having trouble breathing. Baby is laughing at his toys.

I grab the phone and the pug, throw him in the bath tub and douse him with cold water. I hit a picture frame and knock it off my shelf, it goes crashing to the floor. Pillow are everywhere.

I desperately call the vet praying that someone is still in the office. Thank you LORD, Dr. Rogers is still there. When I tell him it's another flare up, he says "Are you sure??" AM I SURE?!?!?

After he believes me he tells me to get him to the office ASAP. I am sweating profusely. Baby still cooing and laughing.

I grab my purse, throw it over my neck (literally), grab a paci, throw it in the purse. Get a towel. Get Norm in the towel, put pug in right arm. Reach into pack-n-play and put baby in left arm. All while looking at the baby saying cheerfully "It's OK! This is fun! This is not an emergency!"

This is SO an emergency.

After getting another IV of some sort of doggie-benadryl, Big Norm was back to his curly-tailed usual self. Pollard was an angel, didn't make a peep. I was sweating like never before, and somehow my right foot was bleeding.

After a few hours in our bedroom by the air vent, and 2 anti-histamines, Norman Wayne Henig is baaaaaaack.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Water, water, everywhere!

Yesterday Pollard was invited to Ellie Callahan's 1st birthday party! It was a "Splash Bash" and there were mini-pools GALORE in their backyard. I sat Pollard in this one just to see how he would like it, and 30 minutes later I had to pull him out of it when all the other kids were leaving!

He was obsessed with the water that sprayed up...where was it coming from?!?!

And this is the most I could get him to look up. Not only would he not look up for a picture, he didn't even look up to see if we were still there, and didn't care about any of the other kids. Too funny!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A video!

Good Lordy, I hope this thing works. Our baby is now 7 months old and guess who just got around to uploading the software for the video camera!?!? That's right, all the millions of videos we've taken were stuck in Sony-land. But not anymoooooorrreee.

We have a blog friend named Blair Verdiget who P is secretly in love with (even though we've never met). She is Pollard but in a beautiful, chubby little girl-baby. Anyways, the other day I was about to DIE watching a video of Blair laughing at Tara going "BOO!". Greatest laugh ever! And then I realized that P thinks that's hilarous too, so I caught him the other day laughing at it. Yet another reason why they are destined to be. It's not his very best belly laugh, but it's pretty darn good. Nothing compares to Blair, but this is close!

Friday, August 7, 2009


It's no secret: Our kid doesn't sleep. I mean that in the most literal form. From the day he was born, he was up and at 'em every 2 hours all day, all night....driving us dangerously close to oblivion. Thinking back on it, neither one of us should have been operating motor vehicles. Many of our friends/family/doctors have shared their secrets and bragged about their children being fabulous sleepers. We like to think that Pollard has many talents, and staying asleep is not one of them.

As he has matured into quite a large 7 month have slightly improved. Going to bed at night is a breeze. It's GLORIOUS. The baby loves to go night-night. Nap time, a wee different. The only way we can describe what has to be done to get this baby to nap is Wrestlemania. It starts with him grunting. Then we pick up the baby, try all the "usual" positions to try and rock him to sleep. He grunts, spits out his paci, starts dying out laughing. Oh my gosh kid you've been up for SIX HOURS.

We try all the stations: our bed, the den couch with Noggin, the rocker, the stroller. Nothing. Not even a sign of eyes closing, just straight up Wrestlemania.

This term involves, but is not limited to, an overload of grunting, many kicks and punches (usually to said parents face and gut), crawling while being held, divebombing into pillows/covers/my boobs, laughing, and crying. All while we try our hardest to wrap our arms around him and make him surrender.

This afternoon I have spent an hour and a half trying to get this baby to take a nap. Since he woke up at 8 this morning (after a bottle at 6 and falling back asleep with me while hitting me in his sleep), he has slept for a total of about 35 minutes all day. What?!

Afternoon of wrestling baby into submission equals this...
And now...I go shower.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wallace Family Beach Week

Britton's family was very sweet and let the Wallace's do our summer vacay at their place in Destin this year. It was so nice... a whole week at the beach!

Most of our days started out like this...
Poor P, he's the kid at the beach whose Mom didn't rub all the sunscreen in. Do you know, despite all this rubbin', the kid still got a tan?

And here are some shots of my angel on the beach.
Look at that belly, ugh, I just wanna kiss it all over.
This baby pool was a fabulous idea, but it didn't last too long once he found the sand...

And here we are thinking something is absolutely hilarious... (have no idea what it could be but kudos to Debbie for taking this) The Townsends and the Kevers were in Destin at the same time, we had a ball seeing each other almost EVERY fun!!! (Lizzie, send me some pics!)

Also, I mean not to ruin it, but do we see the Christmas card before us???

And my 2 favorites from the entire week. Pollard and Papa outside Graffiti (highly delicious), and Pollard and Mimi enjoying looking at the seagulls. Is it just me or do Dad and Pollard look JUST ALIKE in that picture???

Ahhhh, the beach is GOOD.