Monday, August 3, 2009

Wallace Family Beach Week

Britton's family was very sweet and let the Wallace's do our summer vacay at their place in Destin this year. It was so nice... a whole week at the beach!

Most of our days started out like this...
Poor P, he's the kid at the beach whose Mom didn't rub all the sunscreen in. Do you know, despite all this rubbin', the kid still got a tan?

And here are some shots of my angel on the beach.
Look at that belly, ugh, I just wanna kiss it all over.
This baby pool was a fabulous idea, but it didn't last too long once he found the sand...

And here we are thinking something is absolutely hilarious... (have no idea what it could be but kudos to Debbie for taking this) The Townsends and the Kevers were in Destin at the same time, we had a ball seeing each other almost EVERY fun!!! (Lizzie, send me some pics!)

Also, I mean not to ruin it, but do we see the Christmas card before us???

And my 2 favorites from the entire week. Pollard and Papa outside Graffiti (highly delicious), and Pollard and Mimi enjoying looking at the seagulls. Is it just me or do Dad and Pollard look JUST ALIKE in that picture???

Ahhhh, the beach is GOOD.


Tara and Felix said...

Look at that little beach bum!! I love his little tanned arms! Okay, what kind of sippy cup is that? We are trying to find one that is a good beginner and we are not having any luck!

Abby said...

I LOVE the family Christmas card picture!!! And I think I've told you before that Pollard makes some faces that just scream "Larry"! :)I'm glad the trip was fun!