Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bath baby and other glamour shots

Bath time has become quite a fun play time now that Pollard can sit up really well on his own. He splishes and splashes (and yes, we sing the song), and bites his duckies.

Here he is showing us just how well he can sit up! I call these his "You Are My Sunshine" jammies...doesn't he just look like a little ray of happiness?

And a few other items of interest to all Pollard fans:

Helloooo sippie cup. Although he doesn't really get the whole deal where you have to turn it up for something to come out, he stinking LOVES grabbing the handles and going to town on the rubber tip. We'll get there.

He also grabbed this lovely orange peel at Mimi's Cafe (shout out to Mimi!!) and went to town. He somehow managed to use his 2.5 teeth to rip away a piece of rind that we later had to fish out of his cheek. Suffice it to say that lovely 4th of July outfit (oh yes, we're celebrating all month, those outfits ain't cheap) got a nice dose of Oxiclean later (RIP Billy Mays).

And lastly, how cute is my baby????? I can't stop posting pictures, my kid is so cute.

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Allison said...

Your kid is so cute! And I need to see him ASAP! It has been way too long. I swear when things calm down a bit I will start email stalking you and Pollard again and I will post on my blog!