Friday, July 10, 2009

6 Month Check-up!

The answer to your looming question is NO! We can't believe it's been 6 months already, either!

We had Pollard's check up Friday morning, and as usual we have quite a bruiser on our hands! He is 19 lbs 5 ounces (85%) and 28 1/4" long (95%) with an 18" head circumference (95%). WHOA!

Basically he's tall and thin with a very large brain. I like what I see here.

He got 2 shots, which was quite dramatic. The crocodile tears are in full force. He would cry, then stop, then remember and start crying again. It was awful!

Here he is before the appt in my fave jammies that my Aunt Kellie sent him (more on Baby Zutano clothing obsession later). See how clueless he is about thethe nasty shots in a mere few hours?

That little smirk he's wearing is our new favorite look. He usually does that when he's about to full on grin, but it's so dang cute.

Here he is with HIS new obsession, the dogs. Everytime he sees them he starts dying out laughing and doing that labored short breathing that babies do when they get so excited they can't stand themselves. He also jumps up and down in your arms (great bicep workout).

After the doc it was no more smiles, no more giggles. More like a "What did I do to deserve that" look on the face. After we got home he was in this position for hours and hours...


Tara and Felix said...

bless his little bones! i hate those nasty shots :( We'll see how Blair stacks up against him in the weight department on the 20th!

Rachel and Cameron said...

poor Pollard! His smiles are too cute!! You'll feel better tomorrow buddy!