Sunday, July 5, 2009

Patriotic Pollard

We headed to Destin with Britton's family for the 4th of July this was a blast!
I have to start with this money shot of P. Can you say HANDSOME?!?!?! Dede helped me pose him at sunset ever so inconspicuously on the dunes (I think there it was a no-cross zone...good thing I stuck my kid in there....ah, the things we do for a good picture). Basically he was the best looking baby on the beach.
(we couldn't get a no-arm shot because he was obsessed with the sand)

Also, Mother of the Year over here ran out of fruit for him when we got down there, so I decided he could use some antioxidants and stuck some blueberries in the blender. THAT went over well!

We sure did spend a lot of time at the pool, and baby boy was loving every minute. But it exhausted him, and did not do good things for his 'do...(although Britton and I were LOVING that hair)

We went down and spent a little time on the beach as well, and P made himself at home on one of the lounge chairs. I also caught him sitting up in his pack-n-play...what are you doing?!?! He also (as you see from the pack-n-play pic) has gotten some really bad rashey areas around his cheeks, neck and feet. His feet have always been bad but I think the heat got him. I don't want him to be the rashey kid at school...any tips?
Here he is canoodling with Daddy, and...wait...did you guys plan that?!?! Gigi and Pollard are dressed alike!!

And of course here are my favorites of cousin Barnes, who is getting SO BIG and smiled at me a million times. Basically, he told me he loves me with his big BLUE eyes.


Eric and Jordan Elkins said...
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Daeon White said...

I could just eat. him. UP! That smile is killer! Happy belated 4th!! =)

emmy and nicky said...

Pollard is such a cute, happy guy! I think he and Liam would be good pals :) Liam has sensitive skin and always broke out from everything. We use Cetaphil or Mustela to wash him with (both are non-soap cleansers-really good for sensitive skin) and cover him in Aquaphor before bed. It's kind of greasy, but a really good barrier cream that has made his skin so soft and smooth again. Hope this helps!

Tara and Felix said...

Check out that little man in the dunes! What a cutie! I love his patriotic outfit! Yeah, the blanket was probably a good idea; we got a couple of handfuls of sand in our mouth!