Sunday, February 21, 2010


We somehow managed to miss the snow we got here in Montgomery by driving up to Nashville for President's Day weekend, but it followed us north. Monday morning we woke up to a blizzard! It was really pretty, and not too terribly dangerous on the roads. We were trying to wait to take P out there when it finally stopped snowing but it literally snowed all day long. So I suited him up (over his pajamas) and out we went!

Most of the pictures were like this:

Then I finally got a little ahead of the game and started walking in front of him. He wouldn't turn around for his life! He was walking around going "Ooooo!"

Snow smells funny apparently.

And this one was gonna be my favorite until a stinkin' snowflake got on my lens! Cute anyways :)

Later that night it was so chilly we decided to stay in, and Pollard and Papa put together a puzzle

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CCE and sorry about the background...

I just got back from the Children's Clothing Exchange and O.M.G. at the cutest outfits I got for next to NOTHING! Montgomery really knows how to do it, it is a well oiled machine. Jenn and I showed up at 6 pm promptly with our kindly donated night-before passes (thanks to Joelle and Jodie!) The line was all the way out the door and down the sidewalk, and there was a cop there making sure no one got seriously injured. At a few points when people said "excuse me" or "I'm sorry", I knew they really didn't mean it. They had it at an old Goody's store, and the entire store from front to back, side to side was perfectly organized with smocked outfits, playclothes, shoes, strollers, a wall of Boppy' name it, they had it. And for UNBELIEVABLE steals! I got 6 spring outfits, one precious pair of shoes and a little something for my neice-to-be, Miss Mary Clark :) [oh, ignore the other 2 random items on our bed]

Also, sorry about this whack background. I haven't had time to shop for another one, but does anyone know how I can get my type to stay within the background so it's all readable? I'm not as savvy as I seem...but I really do like this background.

Also, here are 2 cute pictures of my little ball of fire just to get you smiling.
He loves to attack that octopus. And the other is pre-hair cut. This hat was made by my dear life long friend Lindsay's Mom, Elise. This picture is my ode to hand made baby items. They are glorious. It's the perfect hat in so many ways. It fits perfectly but stretches a little and it covers all the important spots! And it makes my kiddo look very boho chic, which I dig. And Elise better get to work because her Lindsay is now el preggo!!! Yea!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My first haircut!

Today was Pollard's first time at the Barber Shop!!! There is a very special one in the Baptist Hospital Tower that Britton and Trey have been coming to since they were Pollard's age. Johnny got his first cut here, and lots of Pollard's friends have too. There are only 2 chairs in the whole shop, and Patty and Karen have been there for as long as anyone can remember! Pollard was not nervous at all and he did a great job. There were cookies, toys and a sucker involved so things were pretty good for him today.

Who's next? ME!!!

And here are some cute videos. Sorry for my annoying voice, I just get so excited on momentous occasions!!!