Sunday, February 3, 2013

Where has the time gone?

All of a sudden it's February and I haven't updated since November. This is unacceptable!
We've been great. Busy, and great. And I continue to say a prayer of thanksgiving every day for my family, wondering what I did to deserve such blessings!

We've gotten a few trims.  Penny got his first trim, still looking for that picture...
We love where we get our hair cut at the Baptist Barber Shop (yep, that's in the basement of the hospital). Ms Karen saves out the jumbo army men for Pollard. See how happy he looks?

 We looked out the window for Santa, and boy did he come! And he put Ring Pops in our stockings, by far one of the most popular items. Santa, God bless him, could have spent about $30 and come out pretty well. We'll put that in his letter next year.

Penn followed his Papa around the entire trip to Candyland. Poor Dad was such a trooper with his post-op knee brace, dragging his leg around and carrying my 30 pound gorilla all the while. They sat in Daddy's chair together most of our visit.

 It continues to be the highlight of my babies days to see their cousins. Having Mary Clark here has been an absolute blast, she fits right in with the boys and gets down and dirty with them! And then we clean off. 
Emilyn and Penn are the best of buddies. Emi calls Penn "my baby"--sweetest thing ever! As you can see they are angel pie love muffins.
 We've done some church-goin'.

 I'm trying to keep this one here a little bitty baby. NOT working.

They have really begun to wrestle and I mean hard core, WWE style. 

This baby of mine turned 4 years old. First birthday I have cried (except his actual BIRTHday :) )
4 is very, very grown up in case you didn't know.

I cut almost 10 inches off my hair and donated it to Children With Hair Loss. Something I have wanted to do for years!

 Mimi got them Crocs boots for Christmas, haven't taken them off since.
I ran another half marathon in Auburn and met my goal of under 2 hours! My time 1:58:36 (barely squeezed that out!) Heather, Ellen and I had a blast--it's really fun to run with great friends.
On Feb 17th Heather and I will be running 26.2 With Donna, a breast cancer research marathon in Jacksonville. If I said I was nervous that would be putting it verrrrry lightly!

And I leave you with this picture. This totally encapsulates their personalities. I love them with all my heart!

Pollard-4 years:
-Obsessed with his lettters, and the sounds they make, and what words start with what letters, and we have to say them and review them alllll day everyyyyy day.
-Loves his little brother still--always asks me to wake him up so they can play, tries to teach him how to do things,etc
-Still heavy on Star Wars and Toy Story
-Keeps asking me when my hair is coming back :)
-Loves his bedtime stories and books--I can see him becoming a bookworm.

-Has officially crossed over to the dark side, terrible 2's are creeping in on us.
-Talks non stop! He can pretty much say anything these days, a good bit of which takes interpreting but I'm impressed nonetheless!
-He is SO rough and tough--loves to wrestle, rough house with Pollard and Daddy. He's a real man.
-Will eat anything. And if you don't eat yours....lookout.
-Loves his blankie "blue" and his paci
-Loves to dance, "Ride a little horsey", sing Twinkle Twinkle and Pattycake


Daeon White said...

Oh my stars. We have the same children in different genders.

Jennifer Trott said...

Welcome Back! And that was a good one!! Loved every minute of that read.
Angel boys - slow down time!!!!!