Monday, February 11, 2013

4 years old

Took this little man to his 4 year old appointment this week. He is just nothing but LOVE right now and I'm treasuring it all up in my heart.
He is 39 lbs (although a week before it read 41...?), so that's 75%, and 43" in height, so that's 95%. So basically the diet of PB&J, hot dogs and pancakes is doing something? Could be the gallon of whole milk he drinks  He is SMART as a whip, and obsessed with his letters and numbers. He is doing a great job writing his name too...
He is super into Valentine's Day this year (above, Star Wars Valentines, everyone is shocked). He told me he asked Izzy to be his "Valentine Girl", and she said yes. Then she asked if she could come over. A little forward for 4 years old, but she's worth it.
(for the record his patience allowed for only one actual signed Valentine, so I guess that's Izzy's)

Meanwhile at the zoo, this child here is a full on GORILLA of a baby. He growls, he throws his poop (not a joke), he grabs his belly and runs full force into the just can't make him up. Last week he sniffed out a chicken leg in Ms Dorothy's purse, climbed up on the kitchen table, un-zipped her purse, unwrapped the leg, ate the whole dang thing, and tossed the bone on the floor. All she did was go tee-tee. So...he's a fast gorilla.

But I wouldn't trade him for the world--he is HYSTERICAL.

And these two continue to be in love with getting naked, and each other. 

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