Sunday, October 7, 2012

13.1....done and DONE!

We did it!!! Heather and I finished our half marathon and we could even stand up for pictures afterward.  When I picked Heather up yesterday morning in the dark, we realized we both chosen purple shirts and black shirts, hilarious.
MAJOR props to a very helpful husband--couldn't have trained for or run this race had it not been for his continual fist pump. Gonna keep him!

Pollard was really excited about my medal. "Mommy is this your gold medal because you won?!" Something like that, buddy!

My time: 2:11:13

Heather and I had the best time running this, and I know there will be many more races for us to come. LOVE having a great running partner like this girl!!!


Margaret said...

So awesome! And crazy, but not at all surprising, that you look so great after 13.1 miles. I look like death after 3. Such a sweet pic too with you and all of your it!

Lindsey Henig said...

Thanks Margaret you're the sweetest! I really hope we see y'all during football season at some point!