Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Anniversary Surprise

On Wednesday May 6th, I drove straight from work to the Dollar Tree. Not to pick up the usuals: A few greeting cards (2 for $1, you can't beat it), maybe some cleaning supplies, and more than likely the movie-size box of Starburst. This trip was different--I headed straight for the Preggo Tests. This was my very first preggo test I had ever purchased (thank goodness), but I still shoved it onto the counter in a fashion that allowed me to show my wedding band. Britton was out eating with his work buddies, so Norman and I braved the pee stick together. I read the directions word for word, and after 20 seconds (not the typical 2 minute minimum it states on the box), that bad boy showed not one but 2 red lines. It might as well have come to life and said "You're SO pregnant!" Thinking that this test was from the crappy Dollar Tree, and that they probably all read positive, Norm and I made the collective decision to throw it away (placed strategically under a few pieces of junk mail). Then I did the only thing I know to do in questionable situations: go for a run.

Britton came home later in a great mood after a few beers and some Mexican with the boys. I acted as usual, like there was definitely not a positive pregnancy test in the trash can. He went to sleep that night just a hubby, and bless his heart, the morning he woke up a Daddy!

The next morning in sales meeting I began to slowly realize what had happened the night before. I heard people talking, and I knew I was in the conference room, but I didn't really plug into the fact that I was at work. I ran as quickly as I could up the stairs to the showroom and called the gyno, pronto. After a blood test and another immediate-read pee test, it was confirmed--I had been impregnated without my knowledge. The Sunday prior I happened to dump my blackberry into Kimberly's purse just in time for her to drive back to Atlanta with it, so I had no form of communication. I drove straight from the OBGYN to Britton's office, where I have been a total of 1 time. He came out of the building thinking the only way I would have made it to his office was if I'd wrecked my car. Boy was he wrong!

After breaking the news, and him asking the usual "Well, how do you know? I mean, are you sure?" questions, we went straight up to his office so he could re-write the family budget.

And so, all the excitement began....

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EKM said...

i am obsessed with the dollar tree. especially the super ones (like next to wal mart on atl hwy). you're the first to share any excitement of a dollar tree.