Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Butter Bean's Photos- 19 weeks

Our ultrasound appointment was done at 19 weeks, and I counted down the days BIG TIME! I couldn't wait to take a peek at the little one. I had just started to feel little flutters of movement around 16 weeks, so it was becoming more and more real every day. That, and the fact that the few pounds I was "bloated" were turning into a solid mass around the abdominal area! Helloooo, Belly Band, and thanks be to whoever invented that glorious contraption.

The first question Amy asked (our ultrasound tech) was if we wanted to know the sex. We of course said "no!", so she did a good job of keeping that to herself. Even through Britton's intense questioning. It started with, "Well, I mean, can you tell what the sex is?" To which she replied "Yes, it's pretty easy to tell right away whether it's a girl or boy". Britton looked at me and said "She said girl first!" Later, he tried to mistake the umbilical cord for a weenie. Wishful thinking bud, that would be one big weenie for one tiny baby. I had to ask Sherlock Holmes if he needed a breather, maybe he should step out momentarily? No, he said he was fine....Just a little curious. I almost pinched him...HARD.
Little BB was not cooperating too much, and had turned over onto its tummy for the ultrasound. The tech kept nudging the poor little one to try and get it to turn over, but to no avail. (By nudging I mean applying blunt force trauma to my abdomen via the probe-thingy) Stubborn--just like its Daddy.

Nonetheless, the baby is already so naturally photogenic (and probably gifted, let's be honest) that we still got some GORGEOUS pictures!

Baby Henig waving hi to Mommy and Daddy!

SUCH a beautiful profile! I think it has my nose :)

On the tummy of course, but I do love this one. You can see its spine, foot, thigh, tooshy, and head.

And lastly another profile showing the heart and spine.



The Johnsons said...

Awww...You know we are so excited for you guys and we are SO excited about the blog. I have been waiting all week! However, we need to see the video. Let's work on that! Love you guys and can't wait to meet Baby Henig!!!

Liz, Justin and Caitlin (and Bella and Dakota)

Rachel and Cameron said...

So fun! Glad you created this. I added a link to it from mine. Hope you are feeling well. Keep updating us! Miss you guys!! Love you all, Rachel, Cameron and baby doubledown

sloan said...

quasilicious...i love love love the blog. also love the expression on big b's face with the preggo stick. priceless.

much much love...quas