Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Preggo Pic-28 weeks!

Oh, you asked for it--you know you did. Here I am, 28 weeks (aka 7 months for all you not-yet-Moms who don't know the lingo. Lord knows I didn't....). This was before Britton's cousin Hilary's engagement party on Friday night, and Britton decided the best backdrop would be our new stainless steel oven.

I figured if he's taking pictures of me from the side, let's see what he's looking like these days... (backdrop of new stainless steel dishwasher. Oh, the things that bring us joy.)

Very foxy, indeed.
Speaking of last Friday night, I went down again, but this time I was actually in public--at an engagement party, nonetheless!! I felt it coming on, so I just tapped Britton's leg and was able to mutter, "uh-oh...take me out" right before it happened. I was admitted to Baptist East on Saturday morning after talking with one of my nurses. Thank the Lord, my blood tests were fine, but after some time I've actually been diagnosed with vertigo. A build up of fluid in my head and inner right ear is causing me to see things in a rapidly spinning motion at certain times, and leaves me in a state of dizziness basically all the time. I have to say, it's pretty miserable. But I am going to an ear nose and throat specialist tomorrow and hopefully this will pass (shout out to Britton's Mom, aka Dede, for the great referral). Britton gets the award for being a wonderful nurse-man, and extremely patient and caring. For now, just pray I quit running into walls. WHAT?!?! I have to joke about it or else I'll cry!!! Again, a big PRAISE to God that Baby Henig is growing quite well (and it sure shows when I hop on the scale...holy toledo....).
In 2 weeks we'll have our 4D ultrasound!!! We CAN'T WAIT to see this cute one ;-)


Margaret said...

So glad you have a blog! You are SO cute pregnant! Isn't it fun? I LOVED being pregnant! We can't wait to meet the baby (and find out what "it" is!) Love, Margaret

Oh, and sorry about the Vertigo!

The Robertsons said...

oh my gosh, i'm so glad you are okay! it's so scary... the things that happen to us when we are pregnant. hope all is good now!

The Johnsons said...

You know I love the belly pic!! Your such a hot preggo woman! I am so sorry about the vertigo. I know that has to be so frustrating but I am so glad that baby Henig is ok. Love you tons!

EKM said...

good to know that BCBG dress can be used maternally. and i highly recommend Dr. Wally Vaughn. He's known me since I was 3 or 6 months old. GREAT ENT. Lets just hope you stick with vertigo and not bell's palsy!! that one leaves your face semi-deformed.