Thursday, November 3, 2011

Penn's Dedication and Halloween

Behold the wee one, a vision in white if I do say so.  This past Sunday was Penn's very special day at our church, he was dedicated! Growing up Methodist it's been hard for me to grasp the fact that as a Baptist I don't baptize my babies.  But seeing as I loooooove our church, and our pastor does a beautiful job of explaning why we don't baptize until the younggun decides themselves, it makes it easier for me.  This gown you see above was hand made (and I do mean every last stitch, people) by Britton's Aunt Judy. She is the best kind of Aunt as she's not really your Aunt, she's just your Mom's best friend that acts as such.  Gift bearing, hand stitching, passing down heirlooms for your children to use...that kind. She has been so gracious as to let all of us use this for our babes and this picture does it no justice.  Thank you, Aunt Judy!

The above is our best attempt at a family picture. Who loves Pollard's new smile as much as I do?? That kid is side splitting hilarious.

The day would never have been complete without Mimi and Papa, and DeDe and Big John! Is it just me or are our parents rather good-looking? Thanks be to LITTLE BABY JESUS for my Mom's cooking skills, or else we would have had nothing for brunch.  She only whipped up 4 casseroles, 2 pitchers of Prosecco Mimosas, a whole crystal bowl full-o-fruit, set the table, took down the table and cleaned the dishes. Oh, and got up with my coughing baby all night.  Thank goodness she drinks coffee. 

And lo and behold we have our astronaut.  FUNNIEST.THING.EVER.  That is a NASA certified suit and talking helmet you see, and if you were in spittin' distance, you were trying on the helmet, and you WERE blasting off to outer space.

Daddy took our space explorer door to door while Penn snoozed in the Baby Bjorn.

Another attempt at a family picture when the monkey woke up.

Looks like that cocktail may have helped Britton survive the hayride.  Pollard totally geeked at getting on and off the hayride and going door to door, it was serious fun to watch.

 And here are a few other cute pictures from the weekend for your viewing pleasure.  Ahhhh. What a great few days.

 A few other notes about life:
1) At random times Pollard will walk up to me and say "If you do that again, you're gettin a spankin and you're goin to TIME OUT!".  Ok then...loud and clear.
2) Penn still has his 2 bottom teeth and I'm still obsessed with his tiny cuteness. I don't want him to grow.
3) I have re-done my dining room, painted a few things around this house of ours, and about have each room furnished for now.  Schuyler's baby shower is only 2 weeks away so I'm getting prepped and ready.
4) Pollard said to Penn "Thanks for coming to my house, Penn! I sure am proud of you!"
5) Penn can reach up and steal Pollard's paci right out of his mouth and stick it in his.  I love how mad it makes Pollard!
6) Pollard is potty training himself and mighty well I might add. We're about a month in and he's in straight pull ups during the day. He does a great job but is entirely too obsessed with watching the poop hit the water. 
7) Pollards best girl friend Chappell just moved in right across the street.  The dream has come true!

Have a great rest of your week and weekend!

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Anna said...

i luve your sense of humor! and i agree, gorgeous families! your boys are getting entirely too big too fast!