Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's going on with Penn and Pollard?

Oh, a little of this, a little of that. Here's some cute pictures from the last month or so to make your day.

Would you look at these two? Best friends already. Everyone loves Papa, but for whatever reason Penn reeeeaaaallllyyy loves Papa. I mean I could think of a whole mess of reasons but this blog ain't long enough.

All this should tell you we've been to Nashville...TWICE! I took the boys when Britton had a 4 night stay away from home for work. Call me a weenie but I didn't even want to attempt that. So, Mimi and Papa to the rescue for a week long relaxing vacay in Candyland (aka Nashville).

We swam...a LOT! Britton and Pollard were staples in the pool before and after nap time.

Mom keeps an amazing yard. Around the pool it's just flowers galore of every shape and color. The lady has a natural green thumb, which I did not inherit. We helped Mimi water her flowers, which just resulted in naked hose time. SUCH fun!

Daddy also is an avid tomato-grower and Pollard spent a lot of time picking 'em. They had a ball.

And I'll leave you with the last 2 things that make my heart super-happy (thanks Kai-Lan for that lovely phrase). Penn rolled over! I put him on his back, ran to stop Pollard from whatever mess he was getting himself into and when I came back I found a little iguana popped up on his belly. I want to eat this baby up. He is 3 1/2 months old and weighs what seems like a ton.

The 2nd thing is that they now look at each other and smile and laugh. Kinda makes it all worth it, right?

What Pollard is up to...

1) Obsessed with the whereabouts of his little brother at ALL times, and talks to him like he's his age..."Penn, stay wight dere, I go get your juice, otay??"

2) Talks to Penn on the video monitor if he's waking up from a nap "Don't wowwy Penn! Your Mommy's comin' to getchu!"

3) LOVES TV! Favorite shows are Super Why, Caillou (horrid), Yo Gabba Gabba and Bubble Guppies (so cute)

4) Counts to 20...or "20-teen" as he calls it

5) Speaks in full sentences saying things like "Hey Mom, I have a question...have you seen my paci?" Hilarious.

6) Obsessed with his cousins Johnny, Barnes and Emilyn

7) Has started to play hide and go seek with Norman

What Penn is up to....

1) Just chatting it up, laughing and smiling at everyone and everything!

2) Loves his activity mat

3) Horrible constipation

4) LOVES his bath

5) Rolled over!!!!

6) Loves to watch golf on Daddy's lap

7) Takes the shortest naps on earth

8) Is probably sick of his Mommy kissing him

Good bye for now from the paci addict...

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Margaret said...

Oh precious boys! And really, Dru could go on and on about his hatred for Caillou. Awful right? Seeing as Simms loves the show!