Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh my gosh...HOW do people have time to update blogs?

I feel like I need to start this blog like a confessional. "It's been almost 2 months since my last post..."
People I fear I do not have time for this lovely blog anymore. I used to be so on the up-and-up with my posts and now I find myself in a state of confusion. How on earth do all you people with 1+ children frolic with your camera and update your blog like...twice a week? Seriously I need your advice.
Anywhoodles, it's 5:02 pm on a Thursday, I'm in a pair of pajama shorts with my hair in its ever-present ponytail. Today I have 1) taken one very angry 2 year old to preschool 2) worked 3) bought a door hanger 4) taken a nap for the first time in weeks 5) gotten peed on and farted on. Twice. By the same angry 2 year old.
That's pretty much status quo around here.
Here are a few fun tidbits from our life recently, which seems to never stop.  These boys are so darn great though.
[sidenote: my text is center aligned and I don't know why??]
My friend Rachel makes angel paintings and she made the below especially for my roly poly Penn.  When someone paints guardian angels for your child, you're GONNA cry.

Mimi bought Pollard Henig (angry 2 year old) these monster legos and taught him how to build a tower. OBSESSED.  Also obsessed with these Thomas the Train jammies but is extremely bored by the show.
We went to the Georgia Aquarium and all packed into one hotel room.  You can tell by how good I look at the fishy tanks (concealer please).  Pollard had a big, fat time and the animals were beautiful.  He even got to eat ice cream in bed with Daddy.

At first we weren't sure about the dolphin. But then as we left, couldn't stop talking about him and had to buy a stuffed one. You know that story.

We had to do no flash at the aquarium and I couldn't get my camera to adjust. I needed Holland (photog friend) but she was nowhere in sight.
Petting the stingrays, makes Mommy very nervous (um...what was the Australian guy? Yeah.)

And lastly, these 2 are becoming close buddies. Penn will literally crane his neck when he hears Britton's voice to try and find him. Reaches for him, makes googly eyes, it's so cute.

Pollard still thinks everything Penn does is side-splitting hilarious..."Wook at Penn! He rolled over!"  "Oh Penn you're makin' that funny noise again! You so silly!!"  The funniest thing is when Pollard is in his angry state throwing a fit and Penn just looks at him and starts dying out laughing.  Good timing! I've nicknamed Penn "roly poly" because he has a big ol baby tummy and fat thighs and I just love the way he grabs his little feet and roly-poly-ies himself around. I can honestly say I am trying to hold him longer, enjoy every little thing about him because I know how fast he is going to grow up. He's so yummy.
Pollard is going to school Mon-Thurs now and loves it. He says the darnest things. For example last night at the dinner table he said "Ok Mom, I am the customer, I would just like some more pizza please".  He is OBSESSIVE about rocket ships, and really in case you didn't know, you can turn just about anything into one.  We "blast off" A LOT.  He is pure entertainment.
Well, see y'all in 2 months.

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