Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Henig Gets Showered

I will begin my shower blog in Nashville! Sloan, Katie, Amy and Lindsay put together a tres chic shower for me and my little one that 100% rivaled any baby shower I've ever attended. KUDOS to my 4 bestest friends for doing such a wonderful job with every single detail, right down to the personalized napkins that read "the little henig". I about melted!!! Sloan's house was perfect, as usual, and we all still feel it's something out of an interior design catalog. Besides our lovely surroundings, there were wonderful lifelong friends and beautiful gifts for baby!

Look at that tablescape!!! [Mmmm, Sloanie's pumpkin muffins]

Aunt Leslie can hardly wait to be a Great Aunt :)

Paula Snyder made Baby a hand-knit poncho
and blankie. As you can see, this is right before the tears hit!

And HELLO activity gym--word on the street is that babies LOVE these things...

Elizabeth came from New Orleans, Tricia from DC, and Rachel from Vegas (yes, we're trying to get her back from Sin City). Yay for friends!!!

And, as always, 'Mimi' was there to cheer me on and get excited about her first grandchild :)

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