Saturday, December 27, 2008

38 1/2 Week Appointment

Last week we had our 38 1/2 week appointment and I can't believe it's already Saturday and I haven't filled you in! With Christmas being this week, and my family having come to see us Christmas Day, it has been a fun-filled week :)
Our appointment was last Tuesday and I was still about 50% effaced and moving on up to 1 cm dialated. Better than nothing! I was hoping for at least 2 cm, but hey, what can you do??? I saw Dr. Waller's partner Dr. Dupre (my doc was on Christmas vacation) and he was so very nice. I had actually seen him on one of my trips to the hospital before, so we were like old friends... ;)
I will go back to see Dr. Waller this Wednesday for my 39 week check up and we'll just have to go from there. I am hoping that he will give me some sort of idea of what is going to happen come next Sunday (my actual due date) if I am still not going into labor on my own. Everyone keep praying for Baby Henig!!!

I will leave you with a 39 1/2 week side view of moi, Big Momma, by the Christmas tree (yes, we opted for a tiny one this year) :

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Bebe said...

CONGRATS TO THE HENIG HERD ON BABY POLLARD!!! We are so happy to hear you all are doing well and that your baby boy was born happy and healthy! Can't wait to meet him! Hey maybe we can set him and Lola up someday!!!