Friday, December 19, 2008

The worst trip to the Dollar Tree EVER

It was Wednesday of this week and it happened to be the glorious day upon with Verlia comes and cleans our house for 3 hours. There is nothing quite like walking in your front door to the smell of Pine Sol and Clorox, knowing you had absolutely nothing to do with it.
I was trying to make my daily outing (that's about all I can do) to get out of her way for a little while. Naturally, I headed to the Dollar Tree, the greatest store the other side of Ann Street.

Known for their fabulous Christmas gift bags, I wanted to stock up since it's not physically possible for me to sit on the floor with wrapping paper this year. I pulled into a parking space and to my right was a silver Buick. I saw my blackberry blink so I left my car running and starting scrolling through my e-mails when, all of a sudden, WHACK! The little old lady loading up the Buick smacks the crap out of my car door. I uttered a dirty word, and got out of the car to let her know she wasn't getting out of this/to let her see I was preggo and feel sorry for me. The first time I tried to say something to her, she didn't hear a word I said. Finally I yelled, "Ma'am!! YOU'VE JUST HIT MY CAR!" She was clearly over 85 and should not have been operating a motor vehicle. It was just a nasty scratch, no dent, so I didn't have the heart to ask for her insurance information. She apologized profusely and told me she had no idea she had even done it...

So I grab my purse and huff away to get my Christmas bags and end this heinous trip. I go to cross the street and this little black girl in a hoop-dy (sp?) waves me across. I notice she has a concerned look on her face, so I wasn't surprised when she rolled down her window. "Hey girl!", she yelled in her thickest ebonics, "You got twiiiins in theah? You havin' twiiiins, right?" I looked around to see if I was being punked and no, she was serious. "No", I replied politely, "just the one!" She gave me a look of pity and another "Oh girl!" and sped off.

It's gonna be a long time before I go back to the Ann Street shopping center.

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EKM said...

Try the one on Atl. Hwy next to Wal Mart. It's just as big as Ann St. Its another "super" DT.

You can tell its a super DT if they sell frozen foods.