Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Henig is on his/her way!!

Today we had our 39.5 week appointment and FINALLY, some promising news!!! We are scheduled to go in to Baptist East this Friday at 3 pm to start inducing!!!!!!! I was still only 1 cm, but I think they could see the desperation in our eyes :) Dr. Waller had been a bit concerned about the size of the baby (being a big 'ol baby, that is) early on, so he decided to just pull the trigger on getting us up to the hospital on Friday. My eyes welled up with tears, it was JUST the news I was hoping for! Especially after the nurse came in to take the doppler heartbeat on my stomach and, after looking at what my tummy has become said, "God help you...." Thanks so much...Like I don't know I'm a planet.
After the great news, Britton and I went to Storkland for a few things and then to lunch. During lunch I started having major contractions, and by 3 pm they were so bad, we headed up to the hospital. I was still only 1 cm, but in a great deal of pain. After about an hour and a half the pain subsided and they sent me packing....straight to Steak Out. Momma was hungry! The contractions started again once we got in the car (of course). After a good meal and a hot shower, I am feeling much better. But, as the doctor on call said, these things do come and go rather quickly. He said he would not be surprised to see me back up there at midnight tonight! I told them that as long as I can watch Ryan Seacrest and the gang countdown in NYC I'll be happy. Totally kidding....
So, for the moment, I wanted to update you all. I'll post again tomorrow (assuming we're not back in labor and delivery just yet...) and let you know how I'm doing.
Keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as they will be driving in from Nashville for the arrival of the wee one.
And of course, please pray for a safe and easy delivery and a chubby (but not too chubby if you know what I'm saying...), healthy, beautiful baby for the new year!!!

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Caroline Armstrong said...

Hey Lindsey! It is Caroline (Coles) Armstrong!!!!! Kyle's sister Jennifer lives in Auburn and keeps asking/telling me about you and I am so glad you have a blog so that we I can see what y'all are up to and keep in touch! I am sure you are in labor or have had your baby by now, but know that I just said a prayer for you and your little one!!!! You are going to be the cutest mommy...and don't worry you will make it out okay. Drake was 9.2 lbs and I survived...
I am adding you to my follow list. Come see our family at
Love you!!!!