Thursday, January 8, 2009

Introducing Britton Pollard Henig, Jr!

Our sweet baby boy, Pollard!

Proud parents!!

I apologize for the scattered nature of this blog, I can't seem to get the pictures in place with the text! I'm just all frazzled!

But here are a few pictures from Britton Pollard Henig's birthday. He was born on Saturday, January 3rd at 3:57 pm weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds, and 22 inches long!!! Labor was not as bad as I had imagined in my head (of course!), but then again I had no idea he was such a BIG BOY! After he was born and we saw he was a boy, Britton and I could not stop crying! He was just as perfect as we could have ever hoped for. The nurses and doctors at Baptist East were AMAZING, I could not have asked for better care. Dr. Waller was, as usual, a dream come true for us. It is truly a gift from God that he was our doctor throughout my pregnancy. Having him deliver our baby was of the utmost importance, and he brought him into this world safe and sound! We have a few favorite nurses now that I would literally give my right arm for--Thanks a million to Jenni, Kristi, and Martha!!!
Things at home have been a little hectic, as you can imagine. Thank you to EVERYONE for your undying love and support. Pollard is SO lucky to have you as his friends and family!! More to come, but for now, time to go kiss the baby :)


The Howell's said...

Congratulations!! He's a cutie!

The Johnsons said...

Yeah! Congrats Mom and Dad! You guys look like naturals! He is precious.

Margaret said...

We are so happy for ya'll. Pollard is absolutly gorgeous. I LOVE the hair and the name! (I love babies with hair). We hope ya'll are doing good! Congrats!!! Love, Margaret

Abby said...

Congratulations!!! He is absolutely precious. I think he looks like you in the first picture. I agree, I LOVE the hair!!!

Allison said...

I cannopt wait to meet him and of course Riley (his lifelong friend) is also very excited. I am so happy he is here and he is just beautiful. At first I thought he looked just liek you, but then seeing Britton with him in the last picture I see Britton too! I hope you are doing well and I can't wait to here how everything went for you. Congratulations!

emmy and nicky said...

Hi Lindsey!
I have been following your blog through the link on Rachel's. Congrats on your baby boy! You all look like you are doing fact you look way too good to have just delivered a 10 lb baby! Enjoy these first few weeks, they go so fast. Liam sends his love to Pollard :)
Emily and Liam

Caroline Armstrong said...

Congratulations Lindsey! Little boys are so much fun (once you get settled at home with him:)
Hang in there because it only gets better and much more fun! Please call me if you need to ask about anything! After Hunter and Drake I think we have been through anything and everything! I would love to help out from afar if I can!