Monday, January 26, 2009

The many faces of Pollard

A few nights ago after his bath (always dramatic), we decided to give the big man a different do. At first we slicked it straight back, only to find he looked somewhat like an 80-year old man. The brush was already tucked away so Britton just mussied it up a bit with his fingers, and we got this amazing rock star hair-do. Doesn't he look absolutely PRECIOUS?!?!?! I could have just cried. Sleeping so sound with a hair do like that just doesn't seem right. He should have been at a concert, however all the music he got that night was the tune of the crazy giraffe in his crib that sings when you pull its tail.

Here he is cracking a coy half-smile for all the girls. Can you believe this personality??? Talk about a lady-killer. Either he just tooted, or my camera got really lucky :)

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