Monday, January 26, 2009

Labor and Delivery: It's just not what you think...

I have been meaning to write about my labor and delivery experience for some time now, but the pictures of Pollard just have to come first!!! That, and naps take all precendence over blogging...sorry guys....
I wanted to share my experience giving birth for those of you gals out there who have yet to make their way to the labor and delivery floor at Baptist East. Being a first time Mom, I had no idea what to expect, except that of what Mary Jane had taught us in class. I clung to her every word trying to picture what it would be like to finally meet our baby. But admittingly, I thought about myself first, and naturally I thought, "OH DEAR GOD THIS IS GONNA HURT".
Upon our arrival on Friday at 3 pm, Jenni (our nurse, sent from God) showed us to our room and we unloaded all our stuff. After getting my IV all set up and getting uncomfortable in the hospital bed, we sat there. And then we kept sitting there. Oh, and then we sat some more. And then, all my family members kept calling wondering if we'd had the baby. Um, NO. I literally have come into the hospital and am sitting on a bed.
At around 9 pm the on-call doc made his way in, smelling of Doritos. Late dinner, doc? He made the decision to have my Pitocin drip started at midnight, which made me very happy! (Little did I know, that stuff is a KILLER...we'll get to that momentarily). He also felt around on my stomach and commented that we've got a big baby! "Probably around or just under 8 lbs!" We all oo-ed and ahh-ed....we had no idea.
The Pitocin kicked in around 3 am and I was miserable! The contractions were out of control!!!! Martha came in to check on me (night nurse, sent from God) and I was writhing in pain and she said something to the effect of "Why didn't you call for me?!?! I can give you something for that!" Before I knew it she was shooting me up with something that should NOT be legal. Wow. That really helped. Martha to the rescue! I finally got some sleep and felt much better.
Around 9:30 am the anesthesologist showed up for my epidural and it was time for Kristi's shift (7 am-12 pm nurse, she has taken care of me my whole pregnancy and came in just for me! Also, sent from God). He was absoultely huge, and wearing camo under his scrubs: only in Alabama. He sauntered in and as some doctors will be, was quite full of himself. When Britton asked him if he was a hunter he just looked at him with a bewildered face and said "No. I just try to get lost around here, but they usually find me". Oh, good! In that case, get on over here to my spine with that needle, you jokester!! After administering my epidural (which I hardly felt at all!) he took a big deep breath and said "WHEW!!! Man, I did an amazing job with that. That was really good. You know, you can really screw these things up to hell and back". Verbatim, I do not exaggerate. Kristi and I just looked at each other, her eyes were as wide as can be. "No", I replied, "I wasn't aware of that, but I'm so glad you waited to tell me that until after you were done." He was a real pearl.
After that I was cruising right along. Jenni came back to work and around 2:45 she said I was about 9 cm and we should start pushing soon! In my mind, I had 14 nurses in the room, beeping machines, trays of tools everywhere, blood spewing out of my every organ, and sweat pouring down my face. I was bracing myself for pure drama. 15 minutes later in came Jenni. And that was it. I kept looking at the door waiting for everyone to file in. Where was everyone?!?!
Jenni, Britton and I were in my room pushing for about 45 minutes, and I cannot tell you how relaxed the situation was. No drama, no people around, no feeling from the waist down. Glorious!!! Another nurse came in to deliver a blanket and we just all chatted between contractions. I'm so serious when I tell you, I felt like I was dreaming! I'm not gonna lie, pushing is no easy task, but it's so much better when you can't feel it.
Finally at about 3:45 Dr. Waller came in with a few more nurses to help out, and at 3:57 the big boy was born, all 10 lbs and 22 inches of him! It was exactly the outer-body experice Mary Jane said it would be. Except it was soooo much better than anyone could ever tell you (Much of that is thanks to the crazy anesthesiologist and the epidural....glory hallelujah).
When Pollard was born, our lives got richer in a way I can't explain. I pray EVERYONE can experience this feeling!! I also pray everyone can deliver at Baptist East--what a blessing!

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Julie said...

Oh my gosh...that account of your labor was hilarious! I could relate to every between me pushing, Rod, me, our 2 nurses & my OB were all watching Jay Leno (as Sophia was born at night)...I'll never forget actually watching that show while pushing! Only in America...& GOD BLESS TV!! Pollard is such a doll & we can't wait to meet him!