Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Pollard pics!

As you can see we've been very busy! Lots of playing dress up and catching our precious boy when he's awake. I just had to show you the one where he's doing the Elvis lip, and the one of him in his little lamb swing really shows off his hair 'do. The one of him in the blue outfit is so special because his Daddy (who I'm now referring to as Britton Pollard, Senior and you should too) wore this when he was a baby! And then, naturally, the first time parents took pictures of our first walk. HUGE dorks! This is about as far down the street as I got! But Pollard was so bundled up you could hardly see him, it was hysterical. More to come!

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Charelette Rae said...

Hey Lindsey! I saw your blog from Rachel's page. Congratulations! Pollard is so stinkin cute! I just love his hair! I am sure you are loving every minute of being a mommy!