Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Baby on the Way=Bad News for the Lab and the Pug

After returning home from work one day last week to find Allie had tried to make herself comfy on the brand new area rug in the baby's room, we have set some different rules for the canines. Said rug had been gleefully torn away from it's plastic for a mere 24 hours when she took her claws to it like a cat on a scratching post. I cried for 2 hours, and THIS is the look she gave me:

One afternoon I also found Big Norm in his bed, chewing quietly and contently on a pair of the baby's newborn slippers. After a swift whack on his curly-tailed butt, this is the face he gave me:

(Don't buy it, he's totally guilty)

Norman and Allie basically run the place over here on Country Club drive, and after these little mishaps we had to put an end to it. They are now confined to the sunroom and back porch only. Animal lovers, don't fret: These dogs are still more spoiled than they should be. The sunroom comes complete with 2 fluffy dog beds, a whole basket full of toys, an ever-full water bowl and afternoon sun. Not half bad, eh? Not according to them.
They are so disgusted by these new rules, when I asked them how they liked their new digs, this is what they did:

I was highly offended at the simultaneous butt-licking.

In conclusion, the dogs are still loved upon on a daily basis, given rawhides when they ask nicely, and never denied their after breakfast and after dinner treats. But for now, they remain in the confines of a sunny room with lots of soft things to lay on. Their lives are very, very hard.

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The Johnsons said...

you know I do not like this news! However, what's best for the baby makes me happy. Can't wait to meet HIM!