Saturday, September 12, 2009

What has Pollard been up to?!?!

I know this will come as a shock but we've been at the beach! We went back for Labor day and had a blast. We also found this cute vintage-inspired baby boat hat in the front closet at the Henig's condo. How could I resist?

By the time he was done crawling from the beach chairs down to the water, he had said in every tiny crease of his body.

And he now crawls at the speed of light, so why not give it a go on the sand?

He got a little rashy (but everything makes him rashy), but it was no biggie. He ate so much sand, it was just out of control. Every time I would wash away the handful in his left hand, I'd turn to wipe it off and his right hand would be full of it and already in his mouth.
A little too much sand, buddy?

And why not just stick it in your ear while you're at it...
And with all this, his hair has gotten a little...unruly. Well YOU see, it look at it blowing in the wind in the beach pics above. It's uncontrollable. We even had to bobby pin it for him to eat. What a pretty little girl!

Which leads me into THIS.
His first at home haircut. Ehhh, it didn't quite turn out like we'd planned. Is it just us, or has he taken a liking to Lloyd Christmas?

But, when you sweep it to the side, he looks ADORABLE!!!


Jennifer Trott said...

I love the 'do Lloyd!!! You always look good ... long locks or short locks! Really, the baby looks grown!

Rachel and Cameron said...

Oh Pollard, you are such a big boy! Love the haircut!!! Glad you had a fun time at the beach! Miss you guys!

emmy and nicky said...

He is going to hate that bobby pin picture when he's older :) I can't believe he already had his first haircut...he looks even older with this new 'do! Too cute!

Julie said...

Just so you know I had to literally cover my mouth with both hands so my out of control laughter from this post didn't wake up are a HOOT!!!

Tara and Felix said...

I have missed Pollard lately! This post is hilarious! I can't believe you gave him a haircut, too cute! That is great he is crawling so well. Blair is trying really really hard. Hopefully in a week or two!