Monday, December 21, 2009

A visit with Santa

This weekend Allison was kind enough to inform us that Santa himself would be at the Renaissance Hotel this weekend letting the kiddos sit on his lap. So we dressed the boys up and took 'em on down!
At first, it was going surprisingly well. Allison was snapping these pictures below as Pollard kind of half-smiled and tried to pull up his pants leg. I was really impressed he wasn't even crying!!!
This is about where it all got nasty. He figured out he was on some fat guys lap, and turned around to see who it might be. WHOA! STRANGER!!!!

Well buddy would it help if Riley was up there with you?

Um, let me think....NO. This is so scary!!
I love the way Riley is looking at him in the one above, as if to say "Dude, cool it or you won't get your presents".
So that lasted about 30 seconds and we all got a good laugh. I snatched Pollard up pretty quickly, and right when I did he saw Riley take off, started laughing, and it was like nothing bad had ever happened. Gotta love that.
Here they are wrestling around, being boys.


sloan said...

Hilarious!!! Miss that little man so much! Can't wait to see both of you after Christmas.

Jennifer Trott said...

Such GREAT pictures - you are right, the ones of him crying are still so cute!! What a love muffin!

Tara and Felix said...

You will notice that Blair did the same thing. In shock at first, and then saw him, and then wigged out! I love the ones of her crying the best!