Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missed me?

It's been so long since I've updated the blog that I thought I'd just post a bunch of pictures in case you missed my main man. We've been quite busy, but mostly it's with boring stuff like work and spring cleaning (a necessary evil). I decided, though, that you must have been missing Pollard, so here are some good ones for ya :)

The other day after his nap, I took this picture just because it was hilarious. If you'll notice it looks like his diaper is unusally full of tinkle. When he stood up, the whole thing just came sliding down his leg. Oopsie!

Uncle T got us a really cool double seater wagon for Christmas and since the weather has been somewhat nice on random days, we broke it out. Pollard loves it, and we usually try our best to have a friend strapped in on the other side to share Cheerios and juice.

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, so outside we went. Pollard is OBSESSED with being outside, and every time we bring him in he flails himself on the ground and starts crying and heaving. You can't help but laugh, although most times he does produce actual tears.
And the majority of my pictures these days look very similar to this. If not this, than the back of his head and blurry. The kid is on the MOVE!
He is still BFF's with the dogs, and loves to go "Ooooo!" It's so cute.
He also loves his bath and consequently any water. When he figured out that this contraption next door spurts out water, he was trying to turn it on with everything he had.
Pretty cute kid, huh?

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Lauren Baugh said...

I have missed Pollard! He is such a cutie! We have a double seater red wagon that we love as well :)