Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decorating an entire house...

How do you do that??

Our last house was a mish-mash of Britton's things and my things before we got married, combined with some things that we bought together that we could afford at the time.

It was super cute and cottage-y (on hole #6 of the MCC golf course). I miss coming through that front door every day. Britton proposed to me in the dining room, we brought Pollard home to that house...all the things that make ya tear up in life.

Our new house I am really trying to get into the decorate mode with. But when you're 9 months pregnant and have a 2 year old, have just spend an UNGODLY amount of money on 2 new couches and appliances...well you get the drift.
But since this is my blog I can say that I want...

1) Pops of color but have only gotten to my neutral bases so far

2) An even mix of traditional and contemporary accent pieces

3) About $20,000 to buy everything I want :)

Instead of buying and collecting things for the house before we moved in, I decided that in my current large state, and in Pollard's current fit-throwing food-flinging state, it would be best for my blood pressure to just decorate as I go. Hopefully that will make me appreciate it? All these dang empty corners and empty rooms are taking my OCD and Type A to a whole new level...2 glasses of wine/night would really help the situation but for now I'll just dip 2 Chips Ahoy in some milk and forget about it.
I digress.
I found a few decorating blogs that make me drool while I watch Pollard roll around trying to go to sleep from about 8:15-8:45 at night... Can I just say...HOW did I get by without a video monitor for the last 2 years?? Thanks Allison for the great suggestion on the Summer Monitor!

This is what I have been reading the past 2 nights...

I came across Urban Grace because I'm kind of obsessing over the Best Slipcover Company's "Rachel" chairs. My dear friend Ashley Gilbreath who owns a beautiful store here in Montgomery called "Parish" had one in her store. Most comfortable, best looking chair I've ever put my butt in.

These are Urban Grace's Rachel chairs....
Slipcovered, skirted, brightly love love.
Anyone else know of some fun decorating blogs that I can salivate over/get ideas?
For now I'm taking a shower because it's 8:38 and I think Mr. Thomas the Train Jammies may be finally dozing off...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautiful weather!

The last 2 weekends have been absolutely gorgeous. It's a good thing because if I had to sit inside and think about how the LARGENESS has set in, it would not be pretty. It's one thing to be 8.5 months pregnant, but quite another to be 8.5 months pregnant, stuck inside with a 2 year old. This baby in the tummy has gone straight into my ribs in a quick and violent way. I find myself waddling quite a bit at this point and it just ain't attractive. I've been making valliant efforts to walk in a normal fashion realizing in a few weeks I actually won't have a choice but to walk like a duck. As a general update I'll be 36 weeks on Friday. As of my 33 week ultrasound, the baby already weighed in at 4 lbs 11 ounces. As many of you know, Pollard was a full 10 pound baby. I'm kinda looking not to do that twice so we'll see how far I get with my full on sales-convincing capabilities with the doctor next week. Maybe I should show up with no make up on, looking as bad as I feel?
Here are some pics of what we've been up to lately...

With our new house came a rockin' playset that has become the center of Pollard's world. It has also become the main part of the day where I almost lose bladder control watching his hair static up like he just stuck his finger in a plug.

(PS Pollard just walked up and said "WHOA! Wook at Powward! He can swide down!" Love this kid).

I realized on this Sunday when we skipped church (tisk tisk) and I had no make up on that we had NO pregnant pictures of me (poor 2nd child). Here I am, 34 weeks.

I am also spoiled enough to have had both of my sisters-in-law and Britton's cousin Alex throw me a dutch treat diaper shower at my favorite restaurant, Michael's Table. It was so perfect, a LOAD of fun and I got diapers galore! (poor Jenn had the nasty cold-thingy that's going around...boy did I miss her...)

Here I am with Britton's grandmother and my Mom (doesn't Gigi look dynomite?), Julia and Alex, and a group shot! Also I thought a good pic of me and the grandmommas :)

And because I look for any excuse to invite my parents in town, they came for the entire weekend after the Thursday night shower. Dad had a FULL knee replacement just 6 weeks ago...can't tell, can ya? We went to the park and enjoyed the bubbles they brought for my little Tasmanian Devil. He looooooves Mimi and Papa...

And today was President's Day so we went to the zoo. After purchasing an annual pass, we took full advantage. The entire ride over Pollard was geeking about seeing "Baby animals!"
Here he is looking for the turtles and, was it? Can't remember, saw so many animals...

And here are the twinkies looking at the Bison, and a shot of the LARGENESS, complete with my outtie. Se tiger behind us...yowza she was a biggun.
The other day I was changing clothes and all of a sudden Pollard ran in the room, stopped where he was and started dying out laughing. I quickly realized he was looking at my belly button after he started trying to push it back in as hard as he could. I couldnt' blame him, it does look pretty darn hilarious if it's not YOU...

Pollard's awesome sayings:

1) Will run into a room and say "Hey! What are youuuuuu doin there?"

2) Loves to cover your eyes for you and say "Hey! I got a supwise, nooo peeking!" Then when he lifts his hands away he yells "PEEKABOO!" So we're guessing he is the surprise...
3) Gives a two thumbs up and says "This is GREAT!"
We are constantly surprised by his vocabulary. What a smarty pants.
Adios for now!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remember us??

In a fog of the holidays, moving, trying to get settled in our new house, and being 8 months pregnant, I have once again proceeded to neglect the poor blog.

There is someone who wants to say hi...
Remember me??? I'm Pollard and I really hate that all the pictures of me have been stuck on Mom and Dad's hard drive. Here are some highlights from my ever-exciting life!

I got to go to Mimi and Papa's house over Christmas and help say goodbye to the Christmas tree. Man I really miss that thing!

Also, I'm kind of a Christmas Baby (Mom says, whatever that means). I turned TWO on January was so awesome! Cupcakes galore at Mimi's...

And Aunt Leslie gave me my first guitar. How appropriate :)

In addition Papa helped me with my new boots, which give me super powers (a lot of climbing...)
And when we got back to Montgomery, DeDe and Big John helped me keep on celebrating at their house!

There was also a really cool joint bday party that I had at Pump It Up with Oliver Steen, pictures of that slammin' night to come...

Also, in case you missed it, Auburn won the National Championship!!!! I'm a huge fan of the Tigers. Every time I see an "AU" I yell "Hey! Its a waaaar eagle!"
As for the new house, we'll be doing another post on that separately in the next week or so, but let's just say I looooooove it. Every time we drive up the driveway I can't help but yell "Powwad's new houuuuuse!" Also, I have a great new bathtub and big boy jammies (Thomas the Train) to match my new big boy bed. Soooooo cool.

And for now I'll leave you with this picture that my best friend Chappell's mom took of me the day after her birthday party.
Thanks for hearing me out! I'll give my Mom a stern talking to about the lack of updates. She'll be back!