Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remember us??

In a fog of the holidays, moving, trying to get settled in our new house, and being 8 months pregnant, I have once again proceeded to neglect the poor blog.

There is someone who wants to say hi...
Remember me??? I'm Pollard and I really hate that all the pictures of me have been stuck on Mom and Dad's hard drive. Here are some highlights from my ever-exciting life!

I got to go to Mimi and Papa's house over Christmas and help say goodbye to the Christmas tree. Man I really miss that thing!

Also, I'm kind of a Christmas Baby (Mom says, whatever that means). I turned TWO on January was so awesome! Cupcakes galore at Mimi's...

And Aunt Leslie gave me my first guitar. How appropriate :)

In addition Papa helped me with my new boots, which give me super powers (a lot of climbing...)
And when we got back to Montgomery, DeDe and Big John helped me keep on celebrating at their house!

There was also a really cool joint bday party that I had at Pump It Up with Oliver Steen, pictures of that slammin' night to come...

Also, in case you missed it, Auburn won the National Championship!!!! I'm a huge fan of the Tigers. Every time I see an "AU" I yell "Hey! Its a waaaar eagle!"
As for the new house, we'll be doing another post on that separately in the next week or so, but let's just say I looooooove it. Every time we drive up the driveway I can't help but yell "Powwad's new houuuuuse!" Also, I have a great new bathtub and big boy jammies (Thomas the Train) to match my new big boy bed. Soooooo cool.

And for now I'll leave you with this picture that my best friend Chappell's mom took of me the day after her birthday party.
Thanks for hearing me out! I'll give my Mom a stern talking to about the lack of updates. She'll be back!