Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas day is ONE week away...crazy to think about! We took some cute pictures last night, here are the 3 favorites.
Also last weekend we went to a pajama breakfast for the kiddos at a friends house. Pollard and Barnes had the BEST time, and Pollard totally OD'd on mini-marshmellows. Who knew he even liked those? (note to self, must have marshmellows on bday cake...)

(Is that 2nd one not hilarious? Jenn took that, mid-tumble)

After that it was off to Riley's 2nd birthday party, which was a vintage circus theme. Cutest thing I've EVER seen, and Allison went all the way with the decor. There was a jumpy outside
as well as the Big Green Bus. If you don't knwo about the BGB, it's a traveling school bus that is a jungle gym inside. There is a slide, mats to climb on , bars to swing on....amazing. This was P's favorite activity...

(Second to eating 3 chocolate mustaches. I found him alone in Riley's room covered in chocolate just dying out laughing. That's when we left...)

And last but not least, here we are with the Eddins after Auburn won the SEC title....WHOO-HOO!!!

This week:
1) I found Pollard on his knees with his hands folded singing "God our fadder, God our fadder...AMEN!"
2) He grabbed Brittons hand and started shaking it and saying "Nice to meet you, Daddy!"

I'm glad this week is over, it's been SO LONG and SO STRESSFUL! Here's to hoping next week is breezy :) We're so looking forward to heading to Nashville on Christmas day for some QT!

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Abby said...

I miss Pollard... :(
And YOU! I can't wait to come visit after the wee one's arrival! :) Love you!!