Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm back!

I'm baaaaack! We have been sooooo out of pocket since we sold our house and we finally got the computer hooked up at my in laws! I feel like this is a total homecoming. All my pictures...all my videos....ahhhh. Nice to be back.

Well, we've moved out of our house on Country Club Drive (tear) and in with Britton's parents until mid-January. We bought a house here in Montgomery that we're in love with! We can't wait to move in.

Meanwhile it's Christmas, and I'm rocking one heck of a 6-month baby bump. Looks like we've got another biggun brewing, folks.

Pollard is just getting more and more hilarious as the days go by. Here's what we've been doing.
We went to the beach with Mimi...

To the pumpkin patch with Barnes Trott and some buddies...

And to an Auburn football game with cousins! Is this the greatest picture EVER?

He was both a golfer and a giraffe for Halloween...

And ate a good bit of Halloween candy. Big John even taught him to say "Trick or Treat!" (Twicker Tweeeeet!)

We went home to Nashville for Thanksgiving and Dad trimmed up the bird for us. The guys also enjoyed some time at Club Larry with Dad's new space heater...
(I think I see a snuggie in each of their futures....)
Some awesome Pollard stuff:
1) Knows all the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2) Can count from 1-15 and backwards from 5-1 (then says "BLAST-OFF!")
3) Every morning he says "Mama, do you have the milk?" (pronounced "mulk")
4) Calls most things by a plural--"pacis", "movies", "blankies"
5) CANNOT live without "Green", his bright green Little Giraffe blanket
6)Obsessed with Norman and Allie
7) When I pick him up from school and say "Did you have fun?", often replies with "Of course, mama". Oh...OK!
8) Obsessed with slides
9) Favorite shows in the world-Blues Clues and The Frest Beat Band
Pretty darn funny kid.

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