Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's going on around here...

It's been over a month since I posted last so I thought I'd give you a picture OD. We've been quite busy and are glad to be slowing down a little.
First off, my little man is going to be a big brother! I am due March 25th! We are so excited. And to answer the question that I seem to get asked every day about 11 times, no we are not going to find out what we're having. These kids will be 26 months apart so someone say a prayer for my sanity.

And with that said, we've had lots of family time because I don't have the energy I once had to make up songs and game and roll around on the floor.
Jenn (sis in law) monogrammed these rompers for the boys and they looked like precious angels in them when Barnes came over to play. Of course you can forget trying to get both to smile at the same time!
Aren't they edible?

Barnes gets really hopped up and excited when it's time to PLAY!

And check out P going in for the love and Barnes hiding for cover!

Later on, Chappell came over to hang with the boys.

We also went to the beach for Labor Day with the Trott's and the Heath Henig's....

Bye for now!


Anna said...

SO cute! love the little outfits. I can't believe how much P looks like B in those first two pictures! He's a perfect mix of both of you, but I could see so much of his daddy in those first two! congrats on the wonderful news! march babies are dont have to suffer through the heat being super pregnant :) hope you're feeling well and to see yall tomorrow!

Lauren Baugh said...

CONGRATS MOMMY!!! I am so happy for you! 26 months a part- that's nothing!! You will be fine and P will be such a big helper. Lendon is a great helper and I am sure that he would LOVE to give him some big brother tips:)
Hope to see you soon!

Eric and Jordan Elkins said...

Awww..congrats Lindsey! That is so exciting!

Julie said...

Get outta here!! That is fantastic news! Sophia was a March 28th baby and being preggers thru the winter is definitely better than having been pregnant all summer (boo). You'll have one handsome little helper on your hands - he'll LOVE it! Here's to wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy with Baby Henig...LOVE reading about all your adventures!