Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh my gosh....IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!!!

OK, so I used to be the best blogger in town, and now I'm totally slackin'. To make up for lost time, above are pics of what's been going on in Pollard's life!! Now that he is 8 weeks old (HELLO!) he is just oh-so-busy. We went to Nashville for a week and a half, and by the time we left he was 6 weeks old. SUCH a big boy! We got to see all my friends and family and it was just the best time. This trip also included mine and Britton's first date (Valentine's) since the baby was born. We had dinner at the Wild Iris in Brentwood and it was great, so nice to be out together and have some wine! Pollard was so sneaky, he kept the secret the entire week that he and his Daddy were sending me flowers! (nevermind the delivery guy that hit on me....hysterical) On our way back from Nashville we stopped to visit Uncle Heath and Aunt Meghan in Birmingham so they could get their Pollard fix.
We also had a visit from Abby, Hannah and William (that's William in Pollard's crib with him). It was so wonderful to see all 3 of them, and Hannah had the best time calling him "Collard" instead of Pollard. That girl is such a stitch. And I have to shout her a holla for being potty-trained...go on with it, girl!
As you also see, P and Norman have become the BEST of friends. Norm just loves the little guy, and P seems to be a pretty big fan himself! He is also watching his mobile and smiling at it these days, which is just about the sweetest thing. He is finding his voice and just talks and talks!
It's been an incredible last few weeks with him, he's just changing every day, we can't believe it. We are SO IN LOVE!!! Now, if we could just get him to sleep through the night....[yawn...]

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