Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter and a playdate

Hmmm...lots to catch up on!

I'll get right down to it. Easter pics and a very fun playdate at the park. We're busy and TIRED around here!!!

This is my lil' boo in an outfit that Britton's Mom made for him when HE was a baby. Is it not just AMAZING?!? We went to the Easter Egg Hunt at the club and he looked like a sweet angel. Until he tried to bust up in the hunt-zone before any of the other kids. Not cute.

BIG FAN of the firetruck that brought the Easter Bunny...

Scared to death of Santa Claus but when the bunny came out, he was so excited!!

We hav made every Tuesday our playdate day with Addison and Oliver. We went to the park a few weeks ago and it was a hilariously dirty and sweaty time. They all shared sippy cups, and Ollie took a sand bath. Pretty darn great.

And 2 more just for good measure. See all his shiny teeth?


Rachel and Cameron said...

oh, i love seeing all these pictures. he is such a little boy!!! looks like yall are having fun. miss you guys

Jennifer Trott said...

This was GREAT!! I am SO happy you updated the blog! I cannot tell you how many people are going to be stoked!!

Sarah Barry said...

P's Easter outfit is awesome. I see sewing runs in the family (Jennifer).