Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer is here and there's lots to catch up on!

In case you didn't notice, I haven't updated this poor blog in over a month. Poor, pitiful Henig Herd. And boy have I gotten the pouty lip from some unnamed friends. So here we are.

Just in case you missed it....

Yes indeed our little cousin Rudy-Roo Barnes Trott is ONE YEAR OLD! Jenn and Bob threw him a slammin' good splish-slash duckie bash. The above custom fans are just one of the many cute details at his party.
[I couldn't believe he kept his birthday hat on, what a man!] And I have to say, I've NEVER seen a 1 year old that knew it was his birthday. He was so on his game, waving and smiling at everyone, waving bye-bye to those that were leaving, swimming and splashing to his little hearts content, digging hard core into his cake and opening presents like he knew just what to do! Oh, Rudy, you bring me great joy.

We also have been hanging out with our other cousin Mary Clark, who is getting bigger and more beautiful every time we see that sweet face! P wanted to reminisce about the old days in the infant carrier.

And here are just a few other fun ones. The summer has started out wonderfully ( a wee hot), and Pollard is SO DARN BIG. He says moo, meow, outside, paci, no no, Mommy, Daddy, Sissy (Jennifer...or sometimes Barnes' name), Let's Go, Let's See, Mimi, Dede, Papa....I could keep on going!

Until next time (I promise it won't be a month), Happy Summer!


Rachel and Cameron said...

Oh, that last one of Britton and Pollard is TOO cute!! Looks like a fun birthday party for Barnes. Glad you posted an update :)

MHenig said...

i am LOVING Pollard in the infant seat.. LOVING! miss you guys..

The Johnsons said...

FINALLY! I mean I was having major Pollard withdrawls!!! He is so cute and so big and his hair is so silky smooth! He could be on a baby pantene commercial! Tell him to call his Aunt Liz and we can talk about hair products! Miss you guys SOOO much!

Liz and Caitlin