Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mini B

My brother and Justine got Pollard this visor with a lobster on it. It's so stinking cute. Strangely, however, when I put it on the bay-bay, he looks like a mini-Britton. This afternoon we were just keeping it classy in the front yard. To match his lack of clothing and overly soaked diaper, I was wearing a really old ( read: too tight) pair of Harpeth Hall P.E. shorts and a ripped tank top. Hey, neighbors!

Also, Friday night Jenn and Bob had us over for these homemade pizzas that she makes. I ate too much. But the boys shared Farmie's Winnie the Pooh car very sweetly. (Johnny called Barnes "Farms" when he was just stuck!)


Jennifer Trott said...

Too cute! He does look like a mini-B. Do you need to make note of my poor youngin's lip? Little guy had a tough week - he came out on top!

Rachel and Cameron said...

He does look like mini-Britton!! OH, he is such a little boy. All he's missing with that visor (besides clothes) is a set of golf clubs, haha! He looks like he's ready to go play a few holes. Miss yall TONS!