Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turks and Caicos

Every summer my parents take us on a wonderful vacation. Last summer we stayed closer to home and just headed to Destin since P was only 6 months old. But this summer we were treated to Turks and Caicos....HOLLA! Here are some highlights. And may I just say before you begin the drooling that I truly cannot remember having more fun. Usually at the end of vacation you sort of think "Oh, OK, I was ready to go home anyway". This place made me yearn to be a full European and take a month long holiday in this tropical paradise. I have no more words. See for yourself.

They had beach tents. Perfect for bay-bays. And Papas.

The pool was complete with a water fall, floats, balls, and yes--water guns.

Most restaurants were outdoor seating, and we just prayed for a nice breeze. Or a fountain.

We went on a snorkeling excursion the day before we left. Seriously awesome!

I found the night setting on my camera!

P looking for our friends, the lizards. Also this was our view out the back door of our condo.

And here are just a few more fun snapshots !

So we are back from vacay and wishing we were still there.
Other than that, all is well! We had Pollard's 18 month check up and he is 95% for weight, 70% for height. Way to go , buddy. That's what happens when you down an entire jar of meat sticks in 2 minutes flat.
The nurse came in to give him his shot this time and the strangest thing happened. She stuck the fat thigh and he winced and let out a yelp. I was waiting for the tears, but alas...none ever came. No...he sat up, looked at his leg, looked at Sheree (my fave nurse) and when I said "Tell her thank you and give her a high five", he just stuck his hand straight up in the air with a smile on his face and went "HIGH FIVE!" And then when she was walking out he waved and went "Bye bye Sheeee!" Greatest thing ever!
He also says "thank you" after you pull him out of his high chair, as well as "you're welcome" when you say thanks. He is obsessed with giving things to people, especially if it's unauthorized. He'll find Britton's phone and go running and say "here, Daddy". His voice is just so tiny and cute, it's the funniest thing. He also says "some more?" and "bye bye toodles" (the character from Mickey Mouse).
He's a chatty little thing.


Rachel and Cameron said...

Oh, Presley loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, too!! It's our lifesaver when she's upset. Looks like a great vacation!! Pollard is such a little boy- he's so cute. Glad yall had a good time. We miss you guys so much. Hopefully we'll see yall this fall at a game or something. it's been too long

Eric and Jordan Elkins said...

I am so jealous! Looks like you had a great time!! Pollard is just precious and I really think he and Evey need to meet one day soon!!