Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

Today was not terribly miserable outside, so we opted for one outdoor activity until I started sweating on the back of my knees. Usually it take about 15 seconds for that to happen, but it has rained a little bit and mildly cooled things off. I had gotten P some sidewalk chalk for Easter but he hasn't really shown much interest in it. Until today! We learned the color blue. I figured better to not overwhelm the guy, he's just learned to count to 10 so let's let that soak in, right?

Here are some highlights. Enjoy my little love nugget and his sassy attitude.
[and yes, I was trying to write his name but his butt was sitting right where the D would go. Hopefully this does not confuse him in kindergarten]
[also, feel free to comment on his mullet. I just LOVE it!]

And last but not least, I found this scenario when I arrived home late Saturday afternoon. Just Pollard was supposed to be napping. Hmmmmm. Look at these twinkies....
With that said I will be eating dinner and putting myself to bed early tonight. Contemplating watching the Tony Robbins reality show. His hands are really big, though, kind of weird.

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