Friday, February 24, 2012

Brotherly love

I thought it might be kind of cute to take a few pictures of these two rascals since they both had on their fleece football wear. It was a chilly day (unusal for this winter since it's been so warm), and they looked downright snuggly.  Here's what happened.

Pollard is OBSESSED with my phone and constantly wants to see pictures and videos of himself, which he thinks is the funniest thing ever. He will literally watch the same video over...and over...and over.  But it does the trick if you're at the doctors office. More on that later.

Once I pried the iPhone from him, we got my favorite shot...

(and yes Peanut Butter's cheeks just ARE that rosy)

There was some choking.  Nothing really that unusual around here.

 Pouting. Also quite frequent.
 I like this one because it showcases the little gap in Peanut's teeth. His frenulum is a wee bit long in between those 2 front teeth so it makes for a lil' gap. Hilarious if you ask me.

 This here is also a pretty common onr around here.  Just a basic SHUSH move.

And we choose to end on an overly aggressive kiss.

We have spent a greater part of the last month and a half paying co-pays to Pediatric Healthcare. I love that place but for the love of PETE.  Pollard had an upper respiratory infection that wouldn't skeedaddle, then Penn with an ear infection last Thursday. After a few days of him getting worse and more miserable I took him back today to get a "faint positive" on his RSV test.  Poor thing is just so fussy and not himself. So here we sit at home while the bigger men of the house are out playing.
In the middle of being sick, Penn started walking tonight!! He straight up took about 6 steps in a row!!

Today was also unusual in that Pollard has literally been showering me with kisses all day. He is such a WILD 3 year old and you literally never know what his every day will be like. Deep down he is so sweet, and today he just stole my heart. We were waiting on Penn's test results this morning and he was sitting on the window at the doctor's office. He looked up and said "Mommy?...I love you so much.  Happy Valentine's Day."  Then he says things like "We're pirates! And you're my Matey!"  He has also been picking me clovers at school on the playground when I come pick him up and running up to me with a bunch in his hand and saying "Happy Mothers Day!"  So he's got the holidays a little wrong...I'll take it!

Make it NEVER END!!!


lauren hutcheson said...

I don't think they can get any cuter!! :)

Daeon White said...

L-O-V-E it.