Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Penn!

The littlest angel turned 1 last week and we did some partyin' hardyin'. As much as a 1 year old can do :)
He was the sweetest birthday baby, and really hammed it up. He got a new buggy car to ride around on this summer outside and I'm pretty sure his big brother is a little jealous.

Here is the birthday baby waiting for his cake...

 And here we have the hoarding motion he did when he saw his cake. He's a total hoarder anyway (we catch him with ALL 10 of his lovies underneath him when he finally falls asleep every night), so I guess he went the same route here. It was the FUNNIEST thing!! He just kept shoving it all toward him and it really accentuated his baby arms.  He had shoved so much up his nose at one point I had to fish it out so he had some holes to breathe.
 And this is my favorite! Just lovin' up on that cake.  Who wouldn't? It was delicious.

Penn is the sweetest, most loving, most charming baby I have ever known. We love you little angel!!!

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MHenig said...

For the record, I have never seen a baby take down a cake like that in my life.. all I'm saying. Love you Penny!