Saturday, April 14, 2012

A big ole blog of pictures

We went to the zoo on a random Friday that Britton had off, and they gave Penn this hilariously dorky hat. 
They fought over it.

 This picture pretty much sums up the end of the zoo experience. Pollard very tired, Penn very rosy in the cheeks, me rockin a good bit of fly-aways, Britton holding on for dear life. We had a blast, but you know how the end of those trips go...

Put these two rascals in a cute matchy-match outfit for school. This was my best attempt at a photo

 And here we have Mr. Wild. Eats dirt, climbs backwards up slide, plays ferociously in toilet water. He looks pretty crazy, right?
 This one showcases his first busted lip.  She was a doozy. Right before his 12 month pictures, but of course!
 And here is the real baby, tucked in tight in the laudry basket, ready for night night.
 My little Easter bunnies, all in their Sunday best to go worship a risen Savior. Such a beautiful day!

 Easter Egg hunt at the club this year was so much fun. They both really hunted and Pollard filled his basket up in no time!  The outfit P is wearing was my brother's when he was 3.

 Missing someone? Pollard would not come within 50 feet of the bunny this year.


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